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Introducing The New V-Rig Simulator Chassis

Introducing The New V-Rig Simulator Chassis
V-Rig Simulator

Introducing The New V-Rig Simulator Chassis

Our resident AussieStig, got the scoop on a new and exciting sim racing chassis by UK based manufacturer V-RIG. They have introduced their in-house designed ultra adjustable V-RIG R1 sim racing chassis. This uniquely styled rig features up to 13 axis of extreme adjustability enabling the rig to morph from a formula seating position to GT within seconds.

In addition to the updatable structure, the V-RIG products are fully modular to allow add-ons to suit the users requirements.

The V-RIG R1 chassis and its add-ons are available via the official V-RIG webstore for a surprisingly competitive £999.00 / €1081.00 / $1163.00 + Shipping. *items marked in stock are ready to ship next day.



11 AXIS Extreme Adjustability

By utilizing a unique rig expansion mechanism, the length can be stretched far beyond the usual adjustments of most rigs on the market. This ability allows multiple seating styles to be configured regardless of height. All adjustments are quick release allowing you to completely change the driving style and feel of the rig in moments.

Main Rig

  • Seat stage 2 distance adjust via master front and back rig expansion: 53cm

Pedal Deck

  • pedal deck height adjust: 26 cm
  • pedal deck angle adjust: -52 to + 20 degrees (pedal deck has to be 8 slots and above to achieve -52 degrees of rotation)
  • pedal deck stage 1 distance adjust: 20cm (qr expansion adjust)

Steering Deck

  • steering deck height adjust: 17 cm
  • steering deck angle adjust: -30 to + 45 degrees
  • steering deck stage 1 distance adjust: 25cm (QR expansion adjust)
  • steering deck stage 2 distance adjust: 20cm (QR handle glide runners)
  • total steering deck distance adjust: 45cm


  • Stage 1 seat distance adjust : 20cm
  • Total seat distance adjust combined with stage 2 system(53cm): 72cm (total combined adjustment of seat and main rig front to back expansion system)
  • Seat height adjust: 14cm
  • Seat angle adjust: -25 to + 25 degrees

*Rotation angle that is achievable will vary depending on the height position of the particular part

Quick Release

Seat Position Formula

The expansion system allows the rig to be stretched far beyond that of a standard rig, allowing a completely authentic formula position to be achieved. The pedals can be raised high using the quick release knobs, steering lowered and brought forward using the dual-stage quick release adjustment system.

The steering wheel deck is adjusted forward using the stage 1 quick-release glide system, then fine adjustments can be made using the quick release stage 2 adjustment.  finally, a quick-release angle adjustment of the wheel deck can be made to suit your wheel and achieve the f1 style wheel angle.


 Seat Position GT

The v-rig r1’s incredible adjustability allows multiple seating styles to be configured.  this example shows an authentic gt style racing position configuration. Utilizing 100% quick release adjustments to optimize the position of pedals, seat, and steering system. This ability allows multiple seating styles to be configured regardless of height.


Seat Position – Rally / Touring

All adjustments are quick release allowing you to completely change the driving style and feel of the rig in moments.  this example shows the rig in a setup typically found in a rally, road or touring car.

Gearstick arm option attached with quick-release distance and height adjustment and can be mounted on either side or configured with one on both sides.


Space Saving Mode

Once you have finished your session the rear of the rig can be contracted inwards reducing the length of the simulator.

The system uses a high-quality glide rail, rear wheels and a magnetic locking system ensuring smooth and effortless operation.

Dimensions in space saver mode :

  • length : 136cm
  • width  : 63.5cm
  • height : 102.5cm


Uncompromised Compatibility

Utilizing the extensive adjustment, the rig can be quickly transformed to suit small children and tall adults with an uncompromised seating position.

  • 2 feet – 7 feet  ( 128 cm – 214cm )
  • 2 ft  child to 7ft tall adult

*within the 4.2 ft to 7ft range the rig is able to achieve completely authentic F1, GT and Rally seating positions, however users shorter than 4.2 feet and taller than 7 feet can still use the simulator, only consideration needs to be made for certain aspects of the seating position not being completely authentic to real-world F1, GT, and rally/touring seating positions in these scenarios.


Design, Function, Strength

Designed to be functional, adjustable to the extreme, with a captivating design, support all major controls, suit most body types and all racing types. Simply put, it’s the swiss army knife of rigs.

Tank-like construction, utilizing heavy-duty steel box section sandwiched together with two laser-cut steel plates to form an ultra-strong framework. Modular design allows the addition of multiple add-ons such as display brackets, gearstick arms and much more.


Updatable Construction Design

Utilizing a weldless part based architecture, this approach allows all parts of the main chassis to be updatable with improvements, as technology evolves and new third party components are released in the market we will be able to provide updated individual parts of the rig or complete update kits securing your rigs future.

  • 50m x 50mm steel box section and heavy-duty thick steel plate used throughout the rig to provide the ultimate strength and rigidity.
  • heavy duty m10 bolts and locking nuts secure the main chassis components ensuring solid connections that will not work loose.


Next Day Shipping Worldwide

V-rig products are ready to ship the next day* anywhere in the world. upgrade your sim racing life today and get started by visiting the products section of our site and chose the options that you would like for your setup.

*items marked in stock are ready to ship next day


Features Overview

  • Self-assembly construction for efficient reduced cost shipping.
  • Step by step assembly instructions and tool kit included.
  • 10-year chassis warranty.
  • Modular updatable construction.
  • Modular upgradeable design.
  • Ultra-strong laser-cut steel construction.
  • Extreme 11-way adjustability (13 way with 1 x gearstick arm).
  • Supports the most popular controls.
  • Supported components made available on request by utilizing our own in-house cad team and in-house manufacturing facility.
  • Ability to support a wide height range.
  • Adjust the rig using 100% quick release systems to create authentic f1, gt & rally-style setups.
  • Gearstick arm upgrade with height adjusts and quick release distance adjustment.
  • Gearstick arm mountable on left, right or configure with one for both sides.
  • Single & triple monitor mount, mouse & keyboard, tactile feedback, speaker mounts and more coming soon as modular upgrades.
  • Next day worldwide shipping.


Control Support

Pedal Support

  • Logitech g25/g27/g29/g920
  • Fanatec CSL Elite pedals
  • Fanatec CSL Elite pedals inverted
  • Fanatec CSL Elite pedals lc
  • Fanatec CSL Elite pedals
  • Fanatec CSL Elite pedals inverted
  • Fanatec Clubsport pedals v1, v2, v3
  • Heusinkveld sprint
  • Heusinkveld sim pedals ultimate
  • Thrustmaster t3pa
  • Thrustmaster t3pa pro
  • Thrustmaster t-lcm
  • Derek spear designs pedals
  • HPP simulation pedals

Steering Wheel Support

  • Logitech g25/g27/g29/g920
  • Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base
  • Fanatec Clubsport wheel base (all versions)
  • Fanatec Podium racing wheel f1
  • Fanatec Podium wheel base dd1 / dd2
  • Thrustmaster TS-PC racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition
  • Thrustmaster TS-XW racer Sparco p310 competition mod
  • Thrustmaster t80 racing wheel / t80 Ferrari 488 GTB edition
  • Thrustmaster T-GT
  • T150/T150 Pro-Force feedback
  • TMX Pro
  • TMX Force Feedback
  • T300 / T300RS GT Edition
  • TS-PC Racer
  • TX Racing Wheel / Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
  • Ferrari 458 Italia / Spider racing wheel
  • Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition

Shifter Support

  • Thrustmaster th8a
  • Clubsport sq shifter (all versions)
  • Logitech shifter
  • Heusinkveld sequential shifter
  • Heusinkveld handbrake
  • Thrustmaster hotas warthog stick and thruster
  • Pro Sim PSL Sequential Shifter V2
  • Pro Sim Sequential Shifter
  • Pro Sim H Pattern Shifter
  • Manufactory Sequential Shifter

Contact us and we can provide pre-laser cut plates as required for anything that’s not supported.

In-house Manufacturing

V-rig products are manufactured in our own UK manufacturing facility where we have full manufacturing capability taking raw material to finished pain and packed product. our team handles the manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring the highest standard of British quality control.

Our products are designed, engineering and manufactured in the same facility ensuring that every part of the process is 100% in our control and that is designed vision is fulfilled with complete integrity to the final boxed product.

  • starting with steel metal sheet our 2000 watt fiber laser cutting machine creates the various flat metal parts.
  • next, our 2000 watt fiber laser tube and box section cutting machine create Lazer accurate profiles, removing the need for manual drilling and ensuring 100% accuracy in construction.
  • our 120-tonne brake press handles sheet metal folding.
  • next in the process is the utilization of our in-house powder coat facility, comprised of an industry-standard gema optiflex pro powder coat system, our own custom-built powder coat bay, and a curing oven. this custom in-house process is designed to ensure that all v-rig products come with high quality and ultra-durable paint finish.

In addition to this, we have a multi-axis tube bender and tube former that will be used for future designs and upgrades.

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