iRacing – DashMeterPro for Android Galaxy Note.

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DashMeterPro for Android Galaxy Note

DashMeterPRO for iRacing is a sim racing application that turns your Android device into a fully working dashboard displaying real-time telemetry and graphs.

You can save and analyze 15 parameters up to 50 laps.


  • Android (2.1+)
  • Wireless Network
  • iRacing
  • DashMeterCom


  • RPM (light bar and digits)
  • Gear Shift Indicator LEDs
  • Speed
  • Current/Best Lap Time
  • Time delta compared to best lap
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Remaining laps (based on fuel consumption)
  • Oil Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Lap Number
  • G-Force Meter (plotted 5s)
  • Throttle and Brake Indicators
  • Real-time car positions on track
  • Real-time difference to the drivers in front and behind you in the ranking (Race)
  • Best Lap time of the drivers in front an behind you (practice, qualify)
  • Telemetry Analyser

On track, you can compare any parameters in real-time with one of the saved laps. Once back in the Pit, you can save a lap and compare it to any saved laps using the telemetry screen.

The following data can be analyzed:

  • Speed, RPM, Gear, Drift indicator (based on real yaw and theoric yaw), throttle/brake positions, steering angle, lateral/longitudinal/vertical forces, fuel, oil temp, water temp, lateral/longitudinal slopes.
  • Units available: Mph/Kmh ; °C/°F ; psi/kPa/bar ; L/gal
    All colors fully customizable.
  • you need to install DashMeterCom.
  • Adobe AIR is NOT required.
  • DashMeterPRO is NOT an iRacing (TM) official software and is provided “as is” and with all faults.”

Download it from

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