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iRacing Ruf Cup @ Nordschleife in Mixed Reality VR

iRacing Ruf Cup @ Nordschleife in Mixed Reality VR

iRacing Ruf Cup @ Nordschleife in Mixed Reality VR

Marcel Pfister is on a roll. He pumped out yet another video in his Mixed Reality series blending the real-world and in-game footage into a stunning Virtual Reality experience.

After publishing the iRacing RUF GT3 Laguna Seca video, Marcel now takes the same car to the virtual Nürburgring Nordschleife. As usual, he uses the Oculus Rift CV1 VR headset and a green screen to produce the stunning in-car Virtual/real 3D experience.  

This recording technique is only a visual representation of the lap, and Marcel does not see his hands or steering wheel during the actual run. Nevertheless, it gives us a good idea how amazing sim racing will become once Augmented Reality becomes a fact.

When Marcel published his first video, it became an instant viral YouTube hit within the sim racing community. For those who missed the previous video’s here’s the list including Marcel’s excellent Mixed Reality tutorial.


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