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iSimRS Flatpack Sim Racing Cockpit on Pre-order now

iSimRS Flatpack Sim Racing Cockpit on Pre-order now

iSimRS Flatpack Sim Racing Cockpit on Pre-order now

The UK based iSimRS company announced that they have a new Sim Racing cockpit for the home user up for pre-order.

While most modern sim-racing rigs are made out of aluminum or steel, the new iSimRS Sim Racing Cockpit is a very stylish Formula style chassis made out of quality black 18mm CNC machines Melamine faced MDF.

In order to ensure a comfortable formula style seating position, the rig is fitted with foam seat panels covered with black ECO Leather. The iSimRS Cockpit is compatible with most of today’s available sim racing hardware.

The entire cockpit is delivered in 3 flat pack boxes including all the needed tools, brackets and screws, and the assembly instructions.

The iSimRS Flatpack Formula Sim Racing Cockpit is now on pre-order for £599.99 – €680 – $824 + shipping.


iSimRS Sim Racing Cockpit Product Information:

  • Immerse yourself in the F1 driving position
  • Designed for maximum comfort and style
  • Highly wear resistant, suitable for exhibitions and game race centers
  • Support PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One
  • Applicable for users from 160cm (5’3″) up to 200cm+ (6’6″)
  • The seat carries a weight up to 150kg (330lbs)
  • All tools, brackets, and screws to attach your wheel and pedals are supplied
  • Made in the UK


  • Cockpit made of 18mm Melamine faced MDF finished in Black.
  • 3-inch “Reflex” foam seat panels covered with black ECO Leather for painless long races.
  • Footprint dimensions: L x W X H (2000mm x 720mm x 890mm)
  • Delivered on a euro pallet (1200 x 800mm) in 2 pieces, front nose, and seat assembly


  • The cockpit comes in 3 flat pack boxes
  • Assembly instructions with tools, brackets, and screws included
  • Carton box and protection inside the box to prevent damage in transit. NW 45kg
  • The best available delivery costs will be found for each delivery.
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