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Live For Speed version 0.6N released

Live For Speed Test Patch version 0.6M released

LFS Patch 6N  Live for Speed Patch 6N

Live For Speed version 0.6N released

A new patch for Live for Speed has been released. Update V0.6N features a selection of improvements for VR, multiplayer, audio and more.

The LFS development team implemented a new “look and click” system which removes the need for a mouse to select menu items. Selections can be made via the space bar or a dedicated button. To further enhance LFS towards the VR headsets, a virtual keyboard is now available in the sim.  You can toggle the virtual keyboard on or off with the backspace key or dedicated button.

For the full list of changes, check the changelog below.



LFS Patch 6N  LFS Patch 6N

Changes from 0.6M to 0.6N :

Translations :

  • Most translations updated. Thank you translators!

VR :

  • Look and click (with space or button) can be used instead of mouse
  • A virtual keyboard is displayed in VR mode above text entry dialog
  • Toggle virtual keyboard with a controller button or backspace key
  • Talk function (T) and ESC can now be assigned to wheel buttons
  • OpenVR SDK now 0.9.17 and supports live IPD adjustment (Vive)
  • Removed interface aspect ratio 1:1 and added 14:9 (default)
  • New click and type buttons in place of some slider bars

Multiplayer :

  • New Demo filter at bottom of List of Hosts screen
  • Reduced remote car steering wobble each time a packet is received
  • Smoothed steering / brake / throttle inputs in multiplayer replays
  • MPR smoothing is disabled by switching on network debug (SHIFT+F8)
  • Passwords hidden on Start New Host and Join Specific Host screens

Raceabout in front of Westhill pits Siren sound :

  • Start local car siren with command /siren=off/fast/slow
  • Allowed (on cars with a horn) only if user is allowed by host
  • Allow a multiplayer guest to use siren : /cansiren username 1

Audio :

  • More accurate horn (and flash) with shorter transmission delay
  • Reduced the minimum volume to play a sound (can hear further away)
  • Added doppler effect to all car sounds that didn’t have it already
  • Removed doppler effect resulting from SHIFT+U mode camera velocity
  • Updated commands.txt with commands /cansiren /siren /ujoin /uai

Training lessons :

  • Previous and best times are shown during the lesson replay
  • SHIFT+R now restarts the lesson without returning to instructions
  • SHIFT+X exits from replay or lesson back to the instructions screen
  • Press 1 to watch or restart replay without finishing the lesson
  • ESC once starts the replay / another time to exit lesson

Formula XR racing at Rockingham Lesson editor :

  • Reverse and open configurations may now be selected
  • Lesson image filename no longer needs to start with zzz_
  • Image does not need to be square (but is still shown in a square)
  • On entry to lesson editor the current track and config are selected
  • You can now select the lighting (weather) for a lesson

InSim :

  • New ISS state flags to notify if local PC is in dialog / text entry
  • New packet SMALL_LCS – set local car switches (lights, horn, siren)

Misc :

  • Input and sound are now enabled by default when LFS is not focussed
  • Mouse click on demo exit screen now exits LFS or opens
  • Layout editor now allows unmovable objects to intersect

Fixes :

  • Out-of-path start warning incorrectly showed local player name
  • Dedicated server did not search for path after out-of-path start
  • Possible crash if a shadowed object near a paused car was deleted
  • Possible crash if texture resolution changed while generating
  • Alt Gr key + number could cause text colour to change

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Live For Speed  Live For Speed

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