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Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage gathered all the required parts and systems to build a 6DOF Sim Racing Cockpit.Read More deployed the 2020 Season 1 build of their iRacing online racing service.Read More
Studio 397 published a nice looking promo trailer showcasing some of the new liveries in the rFactor 2 Formula E 2020 pack.Read More
Sim Lab hooked up SimRacingGirl with one of their Sim Lab P1-X modular racing rigs.Read More
Sector3 Studios revealed the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport as the first model for the upcoming new Porsche Pack DLC #3.Read More
Reiza Studios owner and project manager Renato Simioni has published the November 2019 Development Update.Read More
Studio 397 published the November 2019 Roadmap Update for rFactor 2 letting us know what is going on behind the scenes at the Studio 397 headquarters.Read More
Swedish Rig Designs developed what might be the first aluminum profile Karting rig conveniently named SimKart Pro.Read More
Fanatec published a tutorial video showing customers how to install the Brake Performance Kit for the ClubSport Pedals V3.Read More
Wave Italy introduced the Wave Italy Impetus Imola pedals which are a reversed version of the original Impetus set.Read More
Reiza Studios owner/project manager Renato Simioni has reacted to the Codemasters SMS deal in relation to the Automobilista 2 development. Read More
Swedish game developer Sector3 Studios posted a new teasing picture announcing that they are getting ready to release a new Porsche Pack DLC for RaceRoom.Read More