Penguin R/C PSMOD 27lc Wheel Box  Review By The SRG

Penguin R/C PSMOD 27lc Wheel Box Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the Penguin PSMOD_27lc USB wheel box.

The PSMOD_27lc USB wheel box was created for use with the popular MOMO MOD27 series of wheels. This series of wheels comes in 270mm, 290mm, and 270mm Open Top diameters which make them an optimal choice for use with many different vehicle types from GT cars to Formula type.

The PSMOD_27 is designed to take full advantage of the many options available to drivers when driving a sim and includes special features to allow easy access to these functions. This fully enclosed wheel box includes 4 buttons, 2 shifters and a 12-Position CommonCoder Dial with 2 paired buttons which allow for 12 different Encoder style inputs.

All of these combined give a total of 30 independent assignable button inputs. The Faceplate of the PSMOD_27lc is labeled with the most commonly used designations so alternative labels are not needed. Included with the wheel box is a set of acclaimed PS1000 Paddle Switches with offset asymmetric GT style paddles.

The Penguin R/C PSMOD 27lc Wheelbox is available via the official Penguin R/C website for $29999 + Shipping

  • 70mm PCD Mounting only!
  • PSPCD_50 adaptor is available for using 50.2mm PCD Wheels.
  • Penguin r/c designed 3D Printed Structural Enclosure.
  • High-Quality Black G10 Front and Rear Plates.
  • PS1000lc G10 Paddle Shift Units.
  • PS1002_06 Carbon Fiber Asymmetric GT paddles.
  • 80mm Infinite Paddle & Switch width adjustment.
  • Paddle outer edge width from 155 – 235mm w/ included paddles.
  • 6 Independent Buttons.
  • 12 Position Common Coder w/ Penguin r/c Custom Aluminum Knob.
  • Printed Button Labels for common functions.
  • Direct Input Compatible Custom USB Interface.
  • Shielded coiled USB cord. (user replaceable if damaged)
  • Integrated Wheelbase Grounding to help alleviate possible EMI issues.
  • M5 x 12 Cap Head & M5 x 65 Cap Head Screws provided for mounting. (see notes: *)
  • 3D Printed Paddle Clearance Spacer.

Needed Parts:

  • Steering Wheel – any MOMO MOD27 wheel drilled to 70mm PCD (see notes)
  • USB Extension Cable (see notes)


  • Hardware provided should work for most wheel mounting, M5.0 Nuts or Lock Nuts may be needed with pass-through style mounting. Different length long screws and/or a spacer such as the PSW_S may be needed for blind hole quick releases or different offset steering wheels. The PSMOD_27lc uses 3 of the 6 bolts for major mounting to the wheelbase, the other 3 attach the Wheel to the box.
  • The PSMOD_27lc may work well with some other 70mm PCD wheels as well, If you have questions about your wheel choice working with the PSMOD_27lc please email us to ask.
  • The provided USB Cord is long enough to reach your dash with allowable stretch to not be damaged during normal wheel rotation. More than likely a USB Extension cable will be needed to properly retain this aspect. We offer the dash mount extension PSW_USBe as a solution for this need.
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Penguin R/C PSMOD 27lc Wheelbox

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