Phoenix Racing Class 1 DTM Wheel Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the Phoenix Racing Class 1 DTM Wheel. As usual, Barry takes the product through the highly detailed SRG review process.

For European motorsport fans, the name Phoenix Racing GmbH most likely rings a bell. Phoenix Racing is a successful German racing team based at the Nürburgring circuit. Phoenix Racing is one of the most experienced teams in the DTM, and a competitive team in series such as the German VLN, and the GTC Series to name a few.

Besides the real-world racing campaigns, Phoenix Racing has also embraced the world of sim racing, developing and retailing a number of high-end sim racing peripherals.

One of these products is the Phoenix Class 1 steering wheel. This high-grade 285mm diameter sim racing wheel is made out of anodized aluminum and features a rubberized grip.

The front of the wheel rim is fitted with 10 industry-quality pushbuttons and 2 rotary switches, while the rear houses 2 pushbuttons, 2 rocker switches, and two aluminum motorsport paddle shifters from MEGA-Line Racing Electronic.

The wheel buttons feature active lighting which lets the buttons flash or change their color after activation. The position of the rotary switch is also color-coded for each position for a better overview. The unit is connected to the PC via a coiled USB cable.

The Phoenix Racing Class 1 DTM Wheel is available via the official Phoenix webstore for €3,699.00 VAT included + shipping. ( Delivery time 3-4 weeks)

Official Webpages –

Phoenix Racing Class 1 DTM Wheel Front
Phoenix Racing Class 1 DTM Wheel Rear
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