Pro-Sim PSL Sequential Shifter Review by FLOEB Simracing

Pro-Sim PSL Sequential Shifter Review by FLOEB Simracing

Pro-Sim PSL Sequential Shifter Review by FLOEB Simracing

FLOEB Simracing reviews the Pro-Sim PSL Sequential Shifter. FLOEP takes a detailed look at the mechanics of the unit, and puts the shifter through its paces running a few laps in the iRacng Skip Barber car at the virtual Mazda Laguna Seca track.

The PSL (Pro-Sim Lite) range aims to bring us the high-quality mechanics of the V1 Shifter at a more affordable price.

The PSL Sequential Shifter mechanism is CNC machined and case hardened for prolonged life. It features the same principle as the Pro-Sim V1 top of the range shifter. The high-quality mechanics are housed between two powder coated plates that can be mounted to any flat surface via 4 M6 bolts. To enhance the reliability and counter mechanical wear the gears triggered via magnetic switches.

Optionally you can upgrade the standard fitted PSL nylon shift knob to a higher quality aluminum version. You can also choose to upgrade the shaft for up to 150mm extra length with 80mm of adjustment.

The shifter will be supplied as a stand-alone USB game controller device and will be compatible with all major racing games on PC. It may also be possible to connect the Pro-Sim Lite Shifter to a USB keyboard emulator for use on PlayStation.

The Pro-Sim PSL Sequential Shifter will sell for 329.17 +VAT (€374.92 – $400.55).  The aluminum knob option will add another £8.33 (€9.49 – $8.33) while a shaft extension will cost you £41.67 (€47.46 – $50.71).

Quaife Engineering Ltd:

RT Quaife Engineering Ltd uses motorsport-inspired design and precision engineering capabilities to deliver a large range of high-performance drive-train products destined for vehicle manufacturers, motorsport competitors and the retail aftermarket.

Quaife was founded in 1965. Headquartered near Sevenoaks in the South East of England, the firm employs over 80 skilled people at two high technology manufacturing facilities, which produce a globally recognized brand of products that are sold through 70 distributors in 26 countries.

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