ProSimu Professional Series T7 Pro 6-DOF Motion Simulator

ProSimu Professional Series T7 Pro

In their everlasting search for more immersion, a full-motion simulator is probably the most desirable piece of kit on the wishlist of many hardcore sim racers. The good news is that these days, adding motion to your racing simulator has become affordable, as a number of companies now provide solutions within the reach of the advanced enthusiast.

The French ProSimu brand is such a company, retailing the popular ProSimu T1000 motion simulator as a modular system that is available as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 DOF motion configuration. However, ProSimu also builds motion solutions aimed at the ultra-high-end professional market. Let’s check out the latest product.

After three years of research and development ProSimu introduced their new Professional Series T7 PRO™ motion Simulator which features 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF), and simulates oversteer and understeer with both a rear and front traction loss system.

With 280mm/s movement and 2G of acceleration, the PRS200 ProSimu actuators allow for a much better translation of road effects and vibrations in a much more realistic way than a traditional hexapod setup. ProSimu states that the reached performance of 44 movements per second is only possible by fitting high-end servo-drives to the PRS 200 actuators and using high-speed CanBus communication running at 10 Mbit per second. (ISO 11898)

They explain that actuators equipped with the more common servo-drives with a Modbus type communication system only reach a speed of 115kbit per second with a maximum of 5 movements per second. This introduces a lot of latency, resulting in less immersion and a less accurate road and effect feel. Platforms equipped with a geared motor will introduce even higher latencies and be far less reactive.

The T7 PRO™ simulator is equipped with 7 PROSIMU® PRS200 ™ private use actuators which come in various specs:

  • 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm travel, and up to 2G of acceleration
  • The new RS200R ‘™ for intensive professional use
  • The PRS300 ™ for 24/7 training centers

The low platform height (43 cm) results in a lower center of gravity which helps to translate the movements even more.

ProSimu Professional Series T7 Pro 6-DOF Motion Simulator


  • T7Pro™ chassis
  • 7 x PRS200 ™actuators available in 100/150 / 200mm travel.
  • 2x controller units
  • Management software license
  • Available with or without a racing seat.

ProSimu 7 Motion Series Platform and T7 Pro Simulator Features:

  • 6 DOF: Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch
  • 2 Platform Effects: oversteer and understeer simulation
  • 44 movements / second (no latency)
  • Max Actuator speed: 280mm / second
  • Maximum acceleration: 2G
  • Minimum platform height: 43 centimeter
  • Travel actuators available: 100mm / 150mm / 200mm
  • Fixed screen: your car is moving on a fixed road, with no discomfort.

T7 PRO™ motion Simulator is available for Pre-order via the ProSimu website starting at €27.990.00 + shipping. The first shipments are scheduled to go out early March 2021.

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