ProSimu T7 Pro Simulator – 6 DOF With Oversteer And Understeer Effect

ProSimu Professional Series T7 Pro

The French ProSimu brand just published a new video showcasing their professional series T7 6-DOF Motion Simulator with oversteer and understeer effect. Let’s have a look.

After three years of research and development, ProSimu introduced their Professional Series T7 PRO™ motion Simulator which features 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) and oversteer and understeer simulation via both a rear and front traction loss system.

With 280mm/s movement and 2G of acceleration, the PRS200 ProSimu actuators allow for a much better translation of road effects and vibrations in a much more realistic way than a traditional hexapod setup. ProSimu states that the reached performance of 44 movements per second is only possible by fitting high-end servo-drives to the PRS 200 actuators and using high-speed CanBus communication running at 10 Mbit per second. (ISO 11898)

They explain that actuators equipped with the more common servo-drives with a Modbus type communication system only reach a speed of 115kbit per second with a maximum of 5 movements per second. This introduces a lot of latency, resulting in less immersion and a less accurate road and effect feel. Platforms equipped with a geared motor will introduce even higher latencies and be far less reactive.

The T7 PRO™ simulator is equipped with 7 PROSIMU® PRS200 ™ private use actuators which come in various specs:

  • 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm travel, and up to 2G of acceleration
  • The new RS200R ‘™ for intensive professional use
  • The PRS300 ™ for 24/7 training centers

The low platform height (43 cm) results in a lower center of gravity which helps to translate the movements even more.

ProSimu T7 Pro Simulator


  • T7Pro™ chassis
  • 7 x PRS200 ™actuators available in 100/150/200mm travel.
  • 2x controller units
  • Management software license
  • Available with or without a racing seat.

ProSimu T7 Pro Simulator Features:

  • 6 DOF: Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch
  • 2 Platform Effects: oversteer and understeer simulation
  • 44 movements / second (no latency)
  • Max Actuator speed: 280mm / second
  • Maximum acceleration: 2G
  • Minimum platform height: 43 centimeter
  • Travel actuators available: 100mm / 150mm / 200mm
  • Fixed screen: your car is moving on a fixed road, with no discomfort.

The T7 Pro Simulator motion Simulator is available via the ProSimu website starting at €27 990.00 VAT incl. + shipping.

Official Webpage –

ProSimu T7 Pro Simulator Cockpit
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