PROTOSIMTECH PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals announcement

PROTOSIMTECH PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals

PROTOSIMTECH PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals announcement

ProtoSimTech uploaded a video showing us the final version of the PT-1 pedal set. PST initial plans to powder coat the pedal units have been changed. While the developer initially forecasted a reasonable price for the powder coating, it now became clear that the additional cost would be too high. To make sure the pedals stay affordable for most sim-racers, ProtoSimTech decided to go for a sandblast solution, giving the pedals a sparkly silver finish.

PST will make the cosmetic change starting with batch 2. Batch one will still be powder coated and will retain its original price.


  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • 50KG Load Cell – Brake Pedal
  • Industrial Quality Potentiometers (rated for millions of turns) – Throttle and Clutch Pedals
  • Multiple Pedal Face Positions
  • Adjustable Pedal Height
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Adjustable Pedal Travel
  • Adjustable Potentiometer Travel
  • Adjustable Clutch “Feel”
  • Can Be Inverted or Placed Right Side Up (with each pedal separately)
  • Adjustable load cell position (for lighter or heavier braking)
  • Clutch mechanism can be removed while retaining full clutch functionality

Pricing Structure and Available Options:

These pedals will be available in two different formats with different prices for each format

  • Two Pedal Set – Throttle and Brake – $319*
  • Three Pedal Set – Throttle, Brake, and Clutch – $379*

* + Shipping and Handling

Each set of pedals will include all the necessary hardware needed to make adjustments to each pedal. An extra hard brake bushing will also be included for those that want a much harder brake feeling. ProtoSimTech will also be including instructional videos filled with information on how to make adjustments to your pedals, and how to properly care for them.

Official Webpage –


PROTOSIMTECH PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals  PROTOSIMTECH PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals

PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals  PT-1 Sim Racing Pedals

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