Racewerk S1 Pedals – New Revision & Price Drop

Racewerk S1 Pedals - New Revision & Price Drop
Racewerk S1 Pedals

Racewerk is based in Germany, near the legendary Nürburgring circuit, where they build and distribute high-performance sim racing gear.

The company now presents a limited offer on the latest revision of their popular S1 pedals in 2 or 3 pedal variants featuring the Tilton 78 endurance racing master cylinders.

The Racewerk 1 PRO Mk2 pedals are made of CNC machined aluminum, and custom-built CNC machined hydraulic master and slave cylinders. The pedal angles, pedal ratios, pedal positions, and stiffness are all highly adjustable. The pedals are shipped including a selection of brake and clutch spring elements for ultimate adjustment possibilities, and come with both narrow and extra-large pedal faces.

The S1 PRO Mk2 pedals are compatible with the Simucube 2 and can be connected to your PC via the wheelbase USB cable. Optionally, the pedals can also be connected to your PC via a custom USB interface.


  • Racewerk S1 Black or Orange – 2 Pedal Unit: €999,60 incl. 19% VAT | (€840,00 excl. VAT) + Shipping
  • Racewerk S1 Black or Orange – 3 Pedal Unit: €1.248,31 incl. 19% VAT | (€1.049,00 excl. VAT) + Shipping
  • At the timer of writing, the Black version is on stock. A limited quantity of the Racewerk Orange pedals will be available in 2 weeks time.


  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • Tested and approved by Audi Sport Team Phoenix Racing 
  • Modular design for easy mounting
  • 2 and 3 pedal version available
  • Full aluminium CNC machined and anodized construction
  • Full hydraulic brake and clutch for the smoothest pedal feel possible
  • Custom made master with spherical mount for maximum smoothness and s in house made slave cylinder for ultimate quality control
  • 100% Compatible with Simucube 2 and connects to SC2 accessories port with True Drive calibration software, profiles, deadzone adjustment at 16bits 1000hz with ultra low latency.
  • Optional USB interface
  • 1600psi automotive pressure sensor. Maximum 150kg
  • We use industrial travel sensors in the throttle pedals for 0.1mm repeatable precision
  • Adjustable pedal ratio to adjust feel from `just about servo` to formula car feel!
  • Adjustable pedal positions and pedal angle

Official Webpage – racewerk.com

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