Reiza Formula Truck – Release is slightly delayed.




Reiza Studos planned the release of their Formula Truck for PC for the end of January.
The team now announces that there will be a slight delay, and are giving people the option to cancel their purchase until the actual release


Folks, as you might have noticed we’ve blown the prediction of releasing Formula Truck by the end of january, despite our best efforts. There are just a few remaining details and this should not be a big delay.

In any case we apologise specially to those who have made their pre-purchase, and make it clear that you have the option to cancel it at any time until actual release, if you so prefer


FÓRMULA TRUCK for Windows – PC is the official simulator of the popular Brazilian Fórmula Truck series – the most competitive truck racing series in the world!

FÓRMULA TRUCK features the trucks that competed in the 2012 season and all 10 race tracks in the calendar. The game is being developed under Reiza´s uncompromising approach towards accurate simulation, in order to recreate as realistically as possible the experience of racing aboard the 5-ton, 1200 HP turbocharged super-trucks which compete in the series.


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