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Ricmotech Button Boxes Review by The Simpit


Ricmotech Button Boxes Review by The Simpit

Shaun Cole of The Simpit reviews a selection of Ricmotech Sim Racing Button boxes.

The world of sim racing is rapidly changing. With the introduction of innovative hardware such as hydraulic pedals and direct drive force feedback wheels, the sky has become the limit when shopping for sim racing hardware to enhance both realism and immersion.

One of the first and most popular add-ons for sim racers is the button box. These boxes put many of the additional in-game functions easily accessible when you need them most.

While the first available models were merely very basic and functional boxes fitted with a selection of push buttons, companies such as Sim Racing Hardware (SRH) and Derek Speare Designs have pushed the button box design to a whole new level.

Another company that regularly releases a button box is RicmoTech. Shaun Cole takes a detailed look at 3 different boxes made by Ricmotech. The C22 panel style box, R22, and R20 R-Series control boxes. Shaun talks about the mounting and installation options before taking the boxes for an actual test on is rig.

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