Sim Lab – X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit Available

Back in June, Sim-Lab shared the first teaser shots of the new X1-PRO Cockpit with which they try to set a new benchmark regarding sim cockpit design and focuses on ease use of and ergonomics. The X1-PRO cockpit which is developed based on the popular P1-X unit is built as a podium, improving key aspects such as usability and comfort while retaining stability, strength, and upgradability.

Now the cockpit is available for purchase and can be obtained as a cockpit only or with a selected racing seat included, choices being a SPEED1 Black Seat, Sparco GRID seat, or Sparco Circuit II seat.


  • Podium style cockpit
  • Single monitor mount VESA 100×100 included
  • Spacious design
  • Upgradable from P1(-X)
  • All-in-1 solution
  • Extremely rigid construction

The base of the X1-PRO cockpit with its 40×120 mm profile structure provides the stiffness the cockpit needs to support the overhung wheel mount construction and at the same time the suspended monitor mount. The X1-PRO is focused around a single screen integrated solution, but a triple monitor mount will be available as an upgrade kit, making it compatible with up to 32-inch monitor size setups. The Servo mount is compatible with all the major Direct-Drive manufacturers.

A special feature is a dedicated solution for mounting Display Units, making sure your monitor can be mounted as low as possible, and not losing the option to have a Display Unit right behind the wheel.

High-quality materials are used throughout this premium cockpit, and it shows!  Aluminum cap washers are used to give this cockpit a high-end look. Materials used by Sim-Lab are renowned for being the best of the best, we are known for our industry-leading high-quality aluminum extrusion and hardware.

The X1-PRO Cockpit is all about the floor deck. This gives you the sensation you are sitting on a podium. With no obstructing or protruding profiles around your legs & lower torso, it feels extremely comfortable and spacious.  Getting in and out of the cockpit is much easier, while at the same time the X1-PRO side table gives you a wealth of space to keep accessories and such within reach.

The X1-PRO is made to tailor direct-drive servo motors. With the wheelbase tunnel and our DDU bracket, you can mount one of our multiple DDUs right behind your wheel without sacrificing flexibility. A 120 mm wheel extension is included with the cockpit. 

To make the X1-PRO cockpit compatible with other wheelbases, we also have a wheel deck available as a separate accessory.

Sim Lab  X1-PRO cockpit


  • The X1-PRO cockpit-only – €1,799.00 + shipping
  • The X1-PRO including the SPEED1 Black Seat – €2,149.00 + shipping
  • The X1-PRO including the SPARCO GRID Seat – € 2,149.00 + shipping
  • The X1-PRO including the Sparco Circuit II seat – €2,299.00 + shipping

Wheel compatibility

  • Simucube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate
  • Bodnar 50 series,  Lenze MCS12 Series, MIGE 130ST
  • Lenze MCS12 series
  • Fanatec DD Series (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Fanatec CSL  DD (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Fanatec CSW V1 / V2 / V2.5 (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Fanatec CSL Elite Steering wheel (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29, G290, G293 (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29, G290, G293 (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Thrustmaster T300/TX, T500RS (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)
  • Thrustmaster TC-PS, TS-XW(*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck)

Pedal compatibility

  • Fanatec Club Sport Pedals all versions
  • Fanatec Elite pedals 
  • Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC
  • Heusinkveld PRO pedal set
  • Heusinkveld Sprint pedal set
  • Thrustmaster T3PA/T-LCM pedals* with additional connector bracket
  • Logitech G27/G28 pedals*  with additional connector bracket
  • Meca Cup Pedals
  • Simagic P2000 Pedals
  • Simtrecs ProPedal GT
  • SimWorkx Pro Pedals
  • VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals

What’s included

  • High-Quality Sim-Lab® Aluminium Extrusion profiles
  • Laser-etched engraved profiles
  • Up to 15 mm thick aluminum brackets
  • Single monitor mount 75×75 mm + 100×100 mm
  • Overhung Direct-Drive mount with Display Unit mount
  • Heavy-duty pedal tray
  • Extra hardware to mount pedals, wheelbases, and accessories
  • Sim-Lab® 120 mm Extender for Direct-Drive motors
  • Cable clips for cable management (10 pcs.)
  • Seat brackets & Sparco seat slider included with Seat

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