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Sim Racing Garage – GS-4 G-Seat Review

Sim Racing Garage - GS-4 G-Seat Review

Sim Racing Garage – GS-4 G-Seat Review

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the SimXperience GS-4 G-Seat.

The SimXperience GS-4 Seat is designed by Pat Dotson who was the former operator of UltraForce Simulations. Barry has been using the seat for about three years now, and decided to review this innovating sim racing product. As usual, Barry recorded a very detailed tour of the product. After explaining us the technical specs and inner workings of the GS-4 Seat, he fires up his SimXperience Motion simulator to show us the product in action.

 Keep in mind that for the moment the SimXperience GS-4 G-Seat is discontinued. That said, the rumor goes that the upgraded GS-5 model will appear #soon.

The G-Seat is a full 6DOF motion feedback system for flight or racing simulation. Unlike other motion devices, the GS-4 can produce strong sustained motion feedback and can respond to all up/down, side-to-side, and forward/backward G-forces that occur in the simulation. Almost any motion cue you feel in a real car or plane can be conveyed by a SimXperience G-Seat. The seat is controlled by the excellent Sim Commander software suite.

GS-4 Response Motion (1)

GS-4 G-Seat Features:

  • Bolt-on Motion Feedback System
  • Perfect for Racing and Flight Simulations
  • Mounts on existing simulator chassis and cockpits
  • USB-Ready Plug & Play
  • SimXperience Exclusive SimVibe Technology Compliments Motion With True Physics Based Vibratory / Tactile Feedback (software included)
  • Realtime customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease! (Soon to come)
  • Powerful Touchscreen Based Adjusments Available
  • Easily bolts to any SimXperience Stage Series Racing Simulator
  • Includes a mounted bass transducer (Powered by SimVibe!)
  • controlled by the SimXperience Sim Commander software
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