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Sim Racing Garage – HPP PRX-SE Pedal Set Review

Sim Racing Garage - HPP PRX-SE Pedal Set Review

Sim Racing Garage – HPP PRX-SE Pedal Set Review

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the HPP PRX-SE Pedal Set.

In the sim racing community, HPP Simulation run by Mark Hargett is a well-known manufacturer of high-end simulator racing pedals. In this new review, Barry takes an in-depth look at the latest HPP Simulation PRX-SE Pedal Set.

The PRX-SE’s are machined out of 6061T6 aluminum to make them light and durable. The pedal set features a purpose built hydraulic brake system and is fully adjustable. Each pedal unit is modular and adjustable via the adjustment rods. The pedal spacing between all 3 pedal units is adjustable. The rods can simply be removed and not used for complete stand-alone pedal units. The pedals can be set up to be in slanted, forward, vertical, and GT modes. As far as electronics are concerned, the unit is controlled by a Leo Bodnar high-quality circuit board which is recognised by Windows without the need for a driver install.

Besides the superior technical features, it is safe to say that the HPP PRX-SE’s are one of the best-looking pedals on the market.

The HPP PRX-SE Pedal Set is on sale for $1,247.00 at the HPP web store.


HPP PRX-SE Features:


• The hydraulic brake system is designed specifically for Sim racing. Numerous design attributes have been tested, improved, tweaked and enhanced to provide the ultimate in Sim racing realism and feel. HPP uses an extremely high-quality pressure transducer, made in the USA, with incredible accuracy, repeatability and durability. The pressure transducer is rated for a 50 million life cycle. Each unit comes with 4 rubber bumpers for fine tuning the brake feel to individual preferences. There is a set of hard bumpers and a set of soft bumpers. In addition to these, the user can fine tune their preference by adjusting the pre-load on the bumpers. The braking threshold and modulation feedback provided to the user via our hydraulic system is outstanding.


  • The gas pedal incorporates a true linear potentiometer unlike the common rotary potentiometer or slide potentiometers found on a lot of pedal systems. This provides true positional linearity relative to pedal movement. The end result is a super smooth and accurate gas pedal movement. The gas pedal travel is also adjustable.


  • There are 3 distinct “stages” of the clutch pedal travel. The first is slight resistance, somewhat of free pedal travel just like reality, this travel is very small. The 2nd stage is where you feel the increased resistance as if you were actually compressing the pressure plate spring on a clutch. The 3rd stage is when you’ve compressed the pressure plate spring and the resistance “releases” for the rest of the pedal travel.

Differences between the regular PRX and SE version:

  • a) the pedal arms are fully machined through the entire pedal (hollow) and the pedal pads also have additional machining. You can see this in the youtube video and the picture below.
  • b) the SE comes as a package deal, you get all of the accessories for less cost than if you purchased them separately.

The accessories you get are:

  • fully machined pedal arms
  • PRX clutch tuning kit
  • PRX adjustable heel rest system
  • 2 of the PRX pedal pad stops
  • PRX long throttle pad
  • PRX wide brake pad
  • The fully adjustable heel rest is also included with the SE version.