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Sim Racing Garage reviews the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals

Sim Racing Garage review

Review by Sim Racing Garage

While most of us still use the good value for money, more mainstream pedal sets that come with the popular force feedback wheels, like the Logitech G25/27 or or the older Momo wheels, we have seen a mid range market appear. A good example are the Club sport pedals by Fanatec. After a while a lot of Sim racers realised that simple things like a brake mod, or stiffer springs already made a difference in the performance of a pedal. Together with the growing Sim Racing community and the fact that competitive Sim Racing has become more of a sport than a game, there was a need that opened up a small market for high-end professional simulator pedals.

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage takes us on a detailed review tour of the high-end ARC_Team Carbon Pedals. A good Sim Racing pedal can be the best investment to make when it comes to being competitive on a high level. As with all thing this come with a price. Barry explains us why these prices can be very relative, by performing an in-depth review of the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals.

The ARC_Team Carbon Pedals are build up as three single pedal components. This way you can configure them add a two pedal (throttle and brake) or three pedal (throttle, brake and clutch) setup. The individual pedals are fully adjustable on all three axis.  Pedal Pressure is created by a pneumatic air cylinder. Rebound is created by adjustable high quality springs, that can optionally can be replaced by softer or harder versions.

The pedal-set is connected to your PC by a single USB plug. optionally the Carbon Pedals can be ordered with a serial cable to connect it straight into a Logitech or compatible Fanatec  wheel.  The two pedal version of the Arc_Team Carbon pedals retail for 999,99 € (819,66 € excl VAT).  The three pedal setup will cost you 1.298,08 € (1.064,00 € excl VAT).   ARC_Team created a PDF file explaining why the designed the pedals, and why they selected the chosen materials to manufacture it. When interested in the ARC Carbon Pedal Set, make sure to check it out.

I will leave you in the capable hands of Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage, who has done an extensive and interesting video review of the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals. In this four-part video review, Barry talks about the build quality, technical specs, adjustments and usage of the ARC_Team product. and most of all, explains why the cost of pedals, can be very relative when it comes to high quality professional products.

For more info about the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals visit the Official Webpage – 


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