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Sim Racing Garage – SRM Fanatec USB Conversion and Carbon Shifters

Sim Racing Garage - Sim Racing Machine SRM Fanatec USB Conversion and Carbon Shifters

Sim Racing Garage – SRM Fanatec USB Conversion and Carbon Shifters

It has been a while since we last heard of Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage, but now he is back with another detailed sim racing product review. In this new episode, Barry introduces the SRM Fanatec USB Conversion and SRM Carbon Shifters. As usual, Barry evaluates the build quality and functionality of the product, disassembles the product for a detailed inspection, and fits it to his SimXperience Motion rig for some hands-on testing using iRacing.

SRM Fanatec USB Conversion

Sim Racing Machines (SRM) created a new version of their Fanatec conversion kit which contains a combined QR adapter and conversion kit in one package. with this kit, you will be able to easily convert a Fanatec CSW wheel to USB, so that you can use it on a variety of force feedback wheels, without losing the functionality of the electronics.

This kit requires no soldering or drilling. The conversion is completely reversible if you ever want to revert back to the Fanatec base.


  • Teensy LC PCB to allow your Fanatec wheel to be seen as a USB device.
  • Emulates each Fanatec Club Sport wheel so Windows sees it as the Fanatec product.
  • High-quality USB cable.
  • USB cable can be replaced if worn or damaged.
  • High quality black anodized aluminum construction.
  • Incorporates our generic QR adapter, so you can fit just about any QR.

When used in windows the wheel is seen as the proper Fanatec wheel.  You can use the free Fanaleds software or SLIMax.  SLIMax works for free because it sees the wheel as a Fanatec rim. Your wheel will have all of its functionality but controlled by the USB connection.  The buttons, shifters, display, LED’s and even rumble will all work.

Suitable for:

  • Fanatec Club Sport Formula and Formula Carbon rims
  • Fanatec Club Sport BMW rim
  • Fanatec Club Sport Porsche rim.
  • Fanatec Universal Hub (Requires a conversion cable)
  • Fanatec Universal Hub XBox edition (Requires a conversion cable)

Can be used with just about any QR.  (A QR (Quick release) is NOT included.)

  • Q1R 50mm
  • Q1R 70mm
  • AccuForce QR
  • NRG 2.0 and 2.5 + probably all the others
  • B-G QR
  • Go-Race QR
  • Fanatec Club Sport QR
  • Any 50mm QR
  • Any 70mm QR


The adapter fits between the wheel and your QR.

How to fit:

  • Take your wheel apart.
  • Disconnect the Fanatec QR Cable.
  • Remove the Fanatec QR.
  • Connect the Kit cable.
  • Bolt the kit to your Fanatec wheel.
  • Put wheel back together.

The Version 2 SRM Fanatec USB Conversion kit is available at the official SRM webstore.

Replacement shifters for the Fanatec Formula wheel

SRM introduces the version 1.4 replacement gear shifter set for the Fanatec Formula Wheel Rim. Carbon Fibre and with a snap action. Easy to fit.

Compatible with the following Fanatec wheels

  • Formula F1
  • Formula Carbon F1
  • Universal Hub (Requires spacer kit)

Different paddles are available.

From Version 1.4 you can now upgrade the magnets that give the snap to your shifters.  As standard SRM supply 10mm diameter N52 rare earth magnets.  These can be swapped with larger 15mm diameter N52 rare earth magnets for a small additional charge.  The larger magnets provide more “snap” and increase the force required to pull the shifter, they are also louder.


  • Made from multi-layer carbon fiber.
  • High strength N52 rare earth magnets.
  • Stainless steel axis.
  • Cherry IP67 microswitch.
  • Supplied as a pair.

Simple to fit:

The design of the gear shifter makes changing over from the standard a very quick and easy process. You do not need to take the wheel apart, simply remove the two bolts holding on the original shifter using a 4mm hex key and use the same bolts to fit the new one. The shifter cable has the correct plug at the end to slot straight into the Fanatec wheel, so again, no messing about with soldering.

The new version 1.4 replacement gear shifter set for the Fanatec Formula Wheel Rim is available at the official SRM webstore.

  Official Webpage –

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