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SimRacingGirl First Look At The Sparco STINT Gaming Chair

SimRacingGirl First Look At The Sparco STINT Gaming Chair

SimRacingGirl First Look At The Sparco STINT Gaming Chair

SimRacingGirl reviews the Sparco STINT Gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are not exactly a must for sim racers, but let’s face it. They are cool to look at, and most of the time very comfortable to sit in. Currently, gaming chairs are somewhat of a hype, and the market seems to be flooded with many different brands who all seem to offer the same (Chinese) chair model, with customized colors and logos. But there are also exceptions to that rule.

One of these exceptions is the Sparco STINT chair by Sparco Italy. Sparco designed a premium gaming chair that is fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable seating position. The Sparco STINT is available in 4 different color designs. (Black, Black/Green, Black/Red, and Black/Light Blue)

The Sparco STINT Gaming Chair retails for €285.00 + VAT and Shipping. 

Product Description

The new Sparco STINT Gaming seat sets new benchmarks in the crowded panorama of gaming seats. The backrest, with a design inspired by the Sparco® R333, has been completely redesigned to improve the comfort of the shoulder containment area: its section, in fact, resembles the latest Sparco seats for supercars, increasing the feeling of solidity and support.

The STINT seat boasts the new Sparco AIRFLOW system which, thanks to a saddling package made of honeycomb breathable fabric coupled with a layer of honeycombs, guarantees maximum breathability and significantly reduces perspiration. The STINT seat comes as standard with the new lockable Pro Caster wheels, which reduce rolling friction and the noise generated by moving, as well as functioning on any surface.

The new base also features integrated kickplates matching the seat color. As in the entire range of Sparco Gaming seats, the above characteristics are supplemented by an anti-roll-mechanism, 4D armrests, 150° reclination and micrometric lumbar adjustment, so as to facilitate long gaming sessions and increase gamer performance.

Warning: this seat must not be used in a car, it is not a car seat.

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