SimXperience – Running SimVibe w/ iRacing & Buttkicker.


Barnacules Nerdgasm got a chance to try out the SimVibe / SimCommander 3 software by SimXperience on his Obutto R3volution Simulator with the ButtKicker Transducer.

Barnacules Quote:

This software allows you to connect a 2nd sound card to your machine and it generates specific sounds for your transducer while you play to mimic what is going on in the game. Without this software you have to connect the Buttkicker inline with your audio source and it reproduces the vibrations of entire ranges within the game which isn’t realistic at all. With this software you can have one or more transducers on your simulator and control what each one of them does. You can have one just focus on the rumble of the engine, you can have another one focus just on the shift clunk of putting the car into a new gear or down shifting. You can have all of them simulate all effects at the same time. This software is so flexible and awesome that after trying it and making this video I plan to purchase a 5 channel amplifier and pick up 4 more transducers and take my sim to the next level!

I spoke with some friends in the Sim Racing world and they recommended the eMotiva UPA-500 monoblock amplifier ($~400) to drive 5 transducers reliability. Also the best transducer for SimVibe is the ButtKicker Mini LFE SE (SimVibe Edition) which can be purchased @

I plan to put in an order for 5 Buttkicker Mini LFE SE (SimVibe Edition) transducers and a eMotiva UPA-500 monoblock amplifier in the next few days. I am going to custom build mounting brackets for my Obutto Revolution cockpit and really take this thing to the next level. I have to be honest I was getting a little frusterated with Sim Racing especially after taking a spin on the $40,000 full motion simulator (Check out my Virtual GT video) but now with this new feedback from the simulator iRacing has come back to life for me and I’m one step closer to emulating reality on the track!

It’s amazing how much a little bit of input to your body can make a whole world of difference in both your performance and enjoyment of the game/sim.


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