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Sparco Evolve Racing Cockpit Review by ISRTV

Sparco Evolve Racing Cockpit Review by ISRTV

Sparco Evolve Racing Cockpit Review by ISRTV

Back in December 2016, the Italian Sparco S.p.A company which is one of the world’s leading high-quality motorsport equipment manufacturers officially announced that they were setting up their own Sparco Gaming Division. The new sub-brand designs products for both the casual and experienced sim racer and gamer. One of the new products is the Sparco Evolve Sim Racing chassis.

John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing now reviews the Sparco Evolve Racing cockpit. He lists his personal Pros and Cons and shares his final thoughts.

The new Sim Racing chassis is made out of matte black thick steel tubing and is fitted with an ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque seat. The seat is mounted on sliders and has adjustable /removable padding to accommodate users of various sizes.

The frame itself is also fully adjustable in a number of different ways. The seat, pedal and wheel mount can be altered in height and can be tilted in order to reach the optimal driving position. Furthermore, the Evolve Cockpit features a front wheel for easy moving and can be folded for storage convenience.

The Sparco Evolve Cockpit is available at the official Sparco web store for €1.390,00

Besides the standard racing rig, Sparco also retails an optional satin-finish steel gearbox and handbrake support for €159. The Mount is pre-drilled for all major shifter and handbrake products by Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitech.

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Sparco Evolve Cockpit

Sparco Shifter Handbrake mount