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SR-Hardware USB Tach Stand review & Competition

Sim Racing Hardware USB Tach Stand review by Fredintheshed

Fredintheshed posted a review video showing us the Sim Racing Hardware” [SRH] Tach Stand.  He unboxes the unit and talks about a few of the technical features of the Tach Stand.  To round things up, Fredintheshed takes the SRH Tacho for a test using the Assetto Corsa Simulator.

The SRH Tach Stand is a simple yet attractive ‘plug n play’ solution to fitting a USB Rev-counter to your rig with no fuss or messing about. The unit comes fully assembled with its own carbon look stand, 11,000 RPM, 5″ (125mm) Tachometer with a large red shift-light and its USB board. You can simply plug in the supplied USB cable and Power supply and download and install the included software to get it working.  The Tach features 7 colour backlighting schemes to enable you to change the color to suit your personal taste, or match the colors of your racing rig.  The unit is on sale for  £124.95 / €157.00 / $203.

And there is even better news.  You can win an SR-Hardware Tach Stand by liking their Facebook page and share the Tach Stand Competition article. On October 1st, the SR-Hardware staff will draw a random winner from the  list of entrees. So if you would like to enter the competition, make sure to head over to their Facebook page. Click here to enter SR-Hardware Tach Stand Competition.

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