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SRH Introduces The C-Spec Tach Gauges

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SRH Introduces The C-Spec Tach

British simulation hardware manufacturer SRH has introduced a new sim racing product. As a follow-up to their original Tach Stand, SRH now retails the high-end C-Spec Tach.

The C-Spec Tach is available either as a Tachometer or Speedometer and is a fully functional plug n play gauge addon for your Sim Racing Setup. The C-Spec Tach’s use a precise stepper motor for that fast and accurate needle response.

The Tachometer has a range of 0 to 10,000 RPM and is backed up by small OLED numeric display. The Speedometer has a speed range of 0-300 and can be calibrated as KPH or MPH. As with the Tachometer, the Speedo also features an OLED numeric display.

The unit comes with its own high-quality black anodized alloy stand. Both units are supplied completely assembled with everything you need to get you up and running. The package contains a USB cable, power supply, and software, as well as a custom configuration file.

Both units are fitted with a 2-stage (First: Green; Second: Red) shift light and peak recall function, as well as a dimmable White, Amber, or a Blue, LED illumination and an Opening Ceremony. It is possible to run more than one C-Spec Tach Stand allowing you to have both a Tachometer and a Speedometer active.

For more info or to make a purchase, check out the SRH Display products store page.


SRH C-Spec Tach Features

  • Complete Desktop USB ‘Plug n Play’ Gauge System available in either Tachometer (RPM) or Speedometer
  • Black Anodized Aluminum  Stand
  • 4 Mounting Holes in Stand Base
  • 95mm 10,000 Rpm Tach or 95mm 0-300 (kph or mph) Speedometer
  • Uses highly precise stepper motor with fast needle response
  • Dimmable Super White, Amber and Blue LED illumination
  • Programmable 2-phase warning setting and peak recall functions
  • Touch control box to program warning setting and recall peak value
  • Oled digital numeric display
  • External warning light
  • 2-phase outside warning light (First: Green; Second: Red)
  • Opening Ceremony and Ending mode
  • Smoked lens
  • On/Off Toggle Switch for Power
  • Power Supply Included
  • USB Lead Included
  • Easy to install/use software (included)
  • Unique Pre-Configured Calibration .xml file for SimDash Software
  • Power Supplies available in E.U. / U.S. / U.K. and Aus (adapter)
  • Full instruction Manual included (.PDF Sent by e-mail)
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