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SRP GT Edition Pedals

It must be High-End Pedal week…

After AussieStig’s Long Term MECA CUP1 review, and the introduction of the new Simtrecs ProPedal GT Sim Racing Pedal Set, Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage, reviews the GT Edition Pedals by SRP.

The Spanish Sim Racing Pro company (SRP in short) designs, builds, and distributes a selection of high-end PC Sim Racing pedals for both the sim racing professional and enthusiast.

Their most popular model is the 3-Pedal SRP GT Edition set. This pedal unit is CNC machined out of anodized A360 Aluminum which boosts a high corrosion resistance as well as high strength. The Cam shafts made of polished stainless steel. To ensure a low friction coefficient, and silent operation, all the moving pivots are fitted with self-lubricating brass ferrules.

The clutch pedal featured two clutch configurations, being Sport (long haul) and Pro (short-haul). To simulate the pressure and travel feel, the pedals are fitted with in-house build pneumatic pistons equipped with a ceramic membrane pressure transducer, to offer maximum precision.

The SRP GT Edition pedals set is fitted with nice looking gold /bronze colored foot pegs which are fully adjustable. The foot pegs can be set up in 9 adjustment positions, and an 70º to 90º angle.

All the electronics are controlled via an in-house designed PCB Board equipped with informative LEDs. The electronics are capable of measuring incoming data at a 65.536 step resolution.

The pedal settings can be adjusted using SRP’s own MySetup software package. The unit interfaces with a PC system via a USB-C port/cable in order to obtain the maximum data speed. Needless to say, the unit is also compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0.

For more detailed info, check out the SRP GT Edition pedals Manual.

The SRP GT Edition Pedals are available via the official SRP website for €995.00 + shipping.

Official Webpage –

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