Team Redline – 2023 Interview With Atze Kerkhof

Team Redline needs no introduction. It is safe to say that they are known as the most successful sim racing team ever and are made up out of a selection of the fastest sim racers on the planet.

Founded in May 2000, Team Redline rapidly became the sim racing team to beat. The team has won a staggering amount of individual and team-based championships from the top levels of sim racing, in just about any sim racing title on the market. With a good number of real-world racing drivers added to the lineup, including F1 world champion Max Verstappen, Team Redline has surely helpt blur the line between virtual and real-world motorsports.

In a recent interview, teamed up with Team Redline to talk about sim racing, Max Verstappen, Formula 1, and much more in an exclusive and candid conversation with Team Redline’s general manager Atze Kerkhof.

The Dutchman always loved sport and competition. So at a young age, he started competitive speed skating and got as far as the national selection. Many injuries forced him to give up the sport in 2009. In 2014, Atze successfully started a Sim Training and Driver Coaching service. In 2015 he officially founded the Adrenaline Control B.V. Pro Driver Performance Center.

As an avid Sim racer, Atze climbed up the Sim racing ladder to become a member of Team Redline and later on became the team’s GM. 

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