The New Symdeck Load Cell Pedal Sets

The New Symdeck Load Cell Pedal Sets
Symdeck Load Cell 3 Pedal Set

After 18 months of development, the UK based Symdeck company introduces the new Symdeck Load Cell pedals.

The pedals are available as a 2 or 3 pedal set. The units feature a load cell brake ( 90kg capacity) and uses a hall effect sensor to measure the position of the accelerator and clutch. Furthermore, the pedal set comes with a sturdy base plate allowing the user to adjust the pedals position.

The Symdeck pedals can be connected to any OSW direct drive wheel via an RJ45 cable, or can interface directly with a PC via an optional USB adapter. Also, the pedals can be used with an Xbox or PS4/5 when using a console compatible Thrustmaster wheelbase and a custom Symdeck adapter.


  • Aircraft grade aluminium pedals
  • Mild steel cradle construction
  • Aluminium base plate
  • Multiple pedal pad adjustment
  • Adjustable pedal positions
  • Adjustable Accelerator front and end stop
  • Available With 2 or 3 Pedals
  • Heal plate with anti slip finish
  • All parts finished with a ‘sandpaper’ powder coat
  • Brake fitted with 90kg load cell
  • Adjustable preload on brake
  • Brake supplied with a hard (fitted) and medium bush
  • Accelerator and clutch fitted with hall effect sensors
  • Connects to OSW direct drive wheel via RJ45 cable
  • Connects to PC via optional USB adapter
  • Connects to Xbox and PS4/5 with our adapter cable and compatible Thrustmaster wheelbase


  • Symdeck 3 Pedal Set Price: £795.00 / €921.00 / $1085.00 +VAT when applicable.
  • Symdeck 2 Pedal Set Price: £595.00 / €689.00 / $812.00 +VAT when applicable.
  • USB Adapter Price: £75.00 / €86.00 / $102.00 +VAT when applicable.

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