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The Rig – Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] CSW Dash review.


Marshall who you might know as the host of The Cutting Edge Digital TV youtube channel, has uploaded episode 3 of ” The Rig” series. In this episode Marshall has an in-depth¬†look at the¬†Sim Racing Hardware [SRH]¬†CSW Dash. ¬†This¬†aftermarket dashboard fits seamlessly on the Fanatec¬†CSW wheel base without voiding the warranty.

A dedicated Sim Racer can never have to many buttons and controllers, and ideally they should be within comfortable reach when sitting behind the wheel.  Therefore the Dash is bolted on the base unit with 4 supplied stainless steel bolts. No drilling holes required. This way the dash is securely locked to the base unit of the Fanatec CSW.

With its array of high quality Toggle Switches,¬†Momentary Buttons, and¬†Rotary Encoders this Dash will satisfy the most demanding Sim racers¬†out there. Customers will receive the Sim Racing Hardware¬†CSW Dash¬†fully assembled and configured¬†.¬†The unit is as plug & play as it gets. Simply connect the USB lead to your PC and it’s ready to use. ¬†And last but not least… It looks the works.

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The base is made from 10mm thick acrylic, precision laser cut for a very sturdy and high quality construction.

  • End panels are made using our usual multi-layer construction and are fully boxed.
  • 7 ¬†Toggle Switches (2 or 3 safety covers fitted, number to be decided)
  • 8 High Quality Momentary Buttons
  • 1 Starter button
  • 3 Rotary Encoders with Laser Engraved roundels showing Brake Bias (Yellow), 1-16 Numerical (Red) and +- Boost (Blue)
  • Stainless Steel fixings throughout
  • Unit will come fully assembled and configured‚Ķ Plug n Play and attaches simply with 4 Supplied Stainless Bolts


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