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Thrustmaster – New Drivers and Firmware Available

Thrustmaster T150
Thrustmaster Driver Update

Thrustmaster – New Drivers and Firmware Available

Thrustmaster has released a new “2016_TTRS_1” Driver and Firmware update for the T500, T300, TMX, TX, and T150 racing wheels.

Changes made in new driver:

  • Added compatibility with the TMX Force Feedback racing wheels.
  • Optimized drivers and PC compatibility for T150 / T300 / T500 / TMX / TX racing wheels.

Thrustmaster strongly recommends that you update your PC with this new driver version.



Changes implemented in Firmware V43:

  • Fixed random firmware update issue (BOOTLOADER case) detected on the previous version (V42).

This firmware includes the previous changes :

  • Added compatibility with the PS wheel (of the T300RS). =V42
  • Added compatibility with the FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE WHEEL Add-On wheel with the new IC (IC V2). =V42
  • Added compatibility for the “Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel” (IC V1) on PC and PlayStation®3 = V41
  • The self-calibration process has been optimized = V40
  • Latency has been optimized and raised to 500 Hz (instead of 125 Hz) of the frame rate =V40
  • FERRARI F1 racing wheel compatibility added : compatible with both T500 RS racing wheels, i.e. the GT and Ferrari F1 wheels = V38
  • BOOTLOADER: Added protection and recovery procedure to avoid any risk of definitive firmware loss = V37
  • FLASH MEMORY: Added protection to avoid potential flash corruption. = V35
  • PEDALS: Improved Precision = V33
  • “MODE” BUTTON: Now necessary to press this button for one second to invert the pedal set position (to avoid unintended inversion during gameplay). = V33
  • Wheel’s calibration optimization + Wheel’s central value detection optimization = V32

Thrustmaster also added a new “Automatic” vs “Forced” modes feature for the cooling fan (useful when playing in a high-temperature environment or with a very high Force Feedback setting).

More info is available here:


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