Thruxton Circuit Coming To rFactor 2

Thruxton Circuit Coming To rFactor 2

And the rFactor 2 news keeps rolling in…

Following the recent introduction of the British Croft Circuit, Studio 397 continues its Q4 content drop announcements with yet another British Touring Car Championship track in the form of the Thruxton Circuit. The new laser-scanned rFactor track will become available on November 7th.

Thruxton Circuit is a 3.792 km (2.356 mi) racing circuit located near the village of Thruxton in Hampshire, UK. Opened in 1950 utilizing one of the many former World War 2 airfields left over at the conclusion of hostilities, little has changed at the Hampshire venue in the following 70 years, making Thruxton a true testament to a bygone age of motorsport in the country, and with it providing one of the most thrilling and potentially dangerous active race circuits in the UK.

The track hosts a variety of motorsport events including the British Touring Cars and Formula 3 racing. The venue is often referred to as the “Fastest Circuit in the UK” where drivers can reach speeds of over 190 mph (300 km/h) and has earned the reputation of being a true driver’s track.

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Studio 397 Quote:

Thanks to the former airfield location, Thruxton is a predominantly flat circuit, with only mild elevation as cars run up to the final Club chicane to close out the 3.791 km high-speed lap. Despite the lack of notable undulations, a feature so loved by racing enthusiasts, Thruxton is no less dramatic behind the wheel. Starting out on a tour of the circuit feels much like any other track throughout Europe, with a mix of fast corners and good passing opportunities quickly giving way to the long and high-speed blast into the woodland countryside – and this is when things get very exciting indeed!

Once clear of the Campbell / Cob / Seagrave section, drivers will find the next few kilometers a thorough test of their racing pedigree and nerve, with foot planted firmly to the floor and the delicate dance between grip, speed, and almost certain disaster one of the most thrilling experiences in modern motorsport.

How much you lift the throttle through the back section of the circuit will strongly determine how quickly you break the timing beam at the end of the lap, a true adventure where driving skill, car setup, and mechanical sympathy are all critical ingredients to scoring big results.

The Track


rF2 Thruxton Allard

Unusually for a traditional race circuit, turn one at Thruxton is far from the usual big braking event one comes to expect. Here at Allard, the majority of cars can take this corner at near unabated speed, with often just a small lift, or light feathering of the brake required to slow the car down enough to make it through the right-hander. Having approached at speed from the fast back straight, this makes Allard a very exciting corner to drive.

Campbell, Cobb, Seagrave

rF2 Thruxton Campbell, Cobb, Seagrave

On the approach to the Campbell, Cobb, and Seagrave section, the circuit gently rolls to the left – here, drivers need to keep the car tight to that left-hand side on the approach to position yourself on the best line possible into the opening section of this iconic part of Thruxton – Campbell. Here a hard brake is required for the first right-hand second, minding the bumps trying to unsettle the car, before bringing the car back over the left apex curb while managing the throttle, then hard on the loud pedal at full speed just kissing the outer edge of the curbing for the long run down into Noble.  


rF2 Thruxton Noble

The fastest part of the track – in fact, the fastest part of any track in the UK, the run down and through Noble is simply breathtaking in any type of racing machine. Keeping the foot firmly to the floor and trying to minimize steering input while finding the line of least resistance to maximize overall speed, get it wrong here and the only thing left to do is hold on very tight indeed.

Goodwood, Village, Church

rF2 Thruxton rF2 Thruxton Noble

Just like the run through the Noble section, here we are simply holding on and trying to keep the car as absolutely stable as possible. Aside from potentially a mild lift for the final Church turn, drivers can keep fairly comfortably flat through here, however, flat doesn’t mean easy, as it is critical to hold the car on a stable line and avoid upsetting the balance over the bumps, and whatever you do, stay well clear of the curbs…


rF2 Thruxton Brooklands

Brooklands represents an easy arc to the left-hand side and is more of an acceleration zone than an actual corner of the lap. Here, all that a driver can do is hope they carried enough speed through the previous turns as the circuit gently starts to wind uphill and into the approach to the final chicane. In race conditions, here is a good place to attempt to capture the slipstream of the car in front, giving you plenty of time to line up your rival for a late dive onto the brakes into the chicane. 


rF2 Thruxton Club Chicane

The Club Chicane – scene of many a race-ending shunt and two-wheel heroics for those that get a touch too enthusiastic on the monster curbs that make up this final corner at Thruxton. Usually approached from the middle of the circuit at absolute top speed, the braking zone here can be tricky thanks to a small amount of steering lock having to be applied, plus of course the ever-present bumps and sheer speed at which you will be traveling on corner entry. The key to getting through this section quickly is to use the curbs to your advantage, just flirting with the first right-hand curb on entry, but then heavily using the second and third curb to try and straight line the last part of the chicane as much as possible for a good run back onto the start / finish straight and into another lap.

Official Webpage – – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

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