TrackdayR – Build Update V1.0.82.14 Deployed

TrackdayR - Build Update V1.0.82.14 Deployed

Italian developer MadCow has deployed a new major build for its TrackDayR Early Access Motorbike Simulator.

This new build release adds a new rider model and brand new rider animations. Furthermore, MadCow also added a 300cc Superbike.

Check out the full changelog below for more details.

The Early Access version of TrackDayR is available via Steam for €19,99.

Official Webpage –

Changelog Build

New Content:

  • 300cc Superbike
  • New Rider Model

**Template will be released soon and all the old suits design have to be re-created**


  • hotfix 10″ tires compound
  • hotfix leaning controll on wheelie
  • hotfix ycf handling
  • hotfix very low speed crash
  • hotfix trouble raise bikes
  • Fix Polini Handles
  • bugfix camera


  • Side and Forward force computation for rear wheel
  • Front Wobble
  • Engine shift foot and hand
  • Front transfer load on leaning
  • Direct Leaning fixed
  • Front Load stabilization
  • Centrifugal Force distribution to suspension fix
  • rear springs inclination
  • Fix EB 1000pro


  • Add Big Twin category
  • Add Polini 135
  • avatar crash system


  • throotle on animation fix
  • avatar skin
  • avatar animations
  • avatar gimoto skin
  • new animation system