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Sim Racing Review Doug Meyer talks about the iRacing Pro NASCAR Sponsorship of #26 Chad Laughton.Read More

Posted On September 2, 2012By WixIn F1-2012

F1 2012 – Spa-Francorchamps Hotlap Video.

The Spa Hot Lap video, taken entirely from in-game footage, features Kimi Raikkonen putting in a perfect lap and negotiating one of the most famous corners in FORMULA ONE™, Eau Rouge. Commentary is supplied by former FORMULA ONE Test Driver, Sky Sports Commentator Analyst and Codemasters' Technical Consultant Anthony Davidson, providing unique insight on where to gain extra speed and how to handle motorsport's most responsive cars around one of the most exciting and demanding circuits in the world.Read More

Posted On September 1, 2012By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 – FIA Formula 2 Template released.

The Williams JPH1B template is ready for download on the rFactor 2 Forum.The FIA Formula Two Championship is a one-make class of auto racing for Formula Two open wheeled single seater racing carsRead More
Custom Compagneros released the long awaited VW Scirocco 1 mod for GT Legends.The Scirocco - Iconic Sportscar of the 70sA long-kept dream has now become reality: to let you experience the Scirocco in all its glory. More than 3 years of development and thousands of hours invested may illustrate, how high our aims were to bring this car to GT Legends in the most authentic way.Read More

Posted On September 1, 2012By WixIn Project CARS

Project CARS – Build 291 Released.

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out. Build 291 for all members to enjoy.Read More
BSNismo created a very nice montage of Reiza Studio´s Game Stock CAr 2012 Mini Challenge DLC.The Mini Challenge is a free upgrade for Game Stock Car 2012 owners. It replicates the Mini Cooper S with the John Cooper Works kit.Read More
The 'Improvements' developer diary details the team's objectives to "break new boundaries" and "match real life" as it introduces a wide range of new features and improvements that star in the game. Advances in physics, weather, audio and more are introduced alongside in-game and real-life footage in the video.Read More
Out in the fourth quarter of 2012, Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers a high quality and vast map across many European countries!This video was created from around two hours of real time game-play footage, but sped up to show off as much as possible! Watch in HD to get the best quality!Read More
ADRIANF1esp compared - F1 2011 ( Codemasters) usint the Mercedes W02 and Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios using the Formula A (Build 287) at the Spa-Francorchamps track against some real F1 footage.Read More
Promo Video of the upcoming 2012 Belgian Grand Prix World Tour event.Is this the iRacing World Tour event you have been waiting all year for? Can you handle the power of the Williams FW-31 at the mighty Spa Circuit? 44 laps awaits you and your fellow racers... if you dare.Read More

Posted On August 30, 2012By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 Test Build 107 Released.

Image Space Incorporated released test build 107 for rFactor 2.Changelog updated.There is no detailed changelog published yet, but the forum explains that there were some bugs fixed, but also the code work required for the F2 car is added.Read More published a rather cool 3D Panoramic HD shot of Slightly Mad Studio´s Project CARS.This time a 360 Pano shot of the Gumpert.. You can click the bottom clocks for night to day transitions.Read More

Posted On August 30, 2012By WixIn RaceRoom

RaceRoom Playseats Showcase Video [German]

RaceRoom Playseats presentation of the new Game Seat for Racing Experience suitable for all wheels including Fanatec CSR Elite , Thrustmaster T500RS and Logitech G27.Read More