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A huge overhaul of the graphics engine provides a big step forward in performance. Version 3.1.0 seems a 4 times performance increase and zero page faults while driving. This makes running multiple instances much more feasible than before.Read More

Posted On September 5, 2012By WixIn Game Spotting

Codemasters Grid 2 humor…

After last months controversy about the Codemasters statement that only 5% of their clients use cockpit view, the included picture surfaced on the web. I liked the humor in it so much, i just decided to post it ...Read More

ISI posted a video of the soon to be released Formula two car , said to be in a test phase.The Video shows a race against the AI using the test version of rFactor2.Read More presents a first look at Champions Mode of Codemasters F1 2012 on the Xbox 360.There are a handful of challenges that are new to the game under the name of Champions Mode. This is the first of those events where you are challenged with coming from behind to pass many competitors including your teammate Kimi Raikkonen.ISR have have used picture in picture view for the best viewing on this video.Read More
DigiProst created a track comparison video showing the difference between the iRacing and Project CARS version of the American Watkins Glen race track.Read More
Forza Motorsport 4 Pennzoil Car Pack Trailer.This new pack is now available as a Downloadable Content only on XBLA (Xbox 360).Read More

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rFactor 2 – Formula 2 Cockpit Previews.

Image Space Incorporated released two screenshots of the Formula 2 in cockpit view.We can expect the F2 in one of the near future rFactor 2 update builds.Read More
Simbin published the first third part of a Questions and Answers article on their "Simbin Insider " webpage.The session is hosted by SimBin´s creative Director Diego Sartori.Read More presents a first look at F1 2012 for the Xbox 360 by Codemasters.When you first start up this game it has integrated a nice driving school and tutorial into a section called Young Driver Test. It is divided into 2 days with the first day teaching you about the car and its controls. After completion you are ready to move onto day 2 and then start your Formula One career.Read More

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WRC 3 Dev Diary Part 1 – The Art Of WRC3.

Dev Diary -- The Art of WRC 3 showcases for the first time ever the style and graphics of the new WRC engine through the words of Game Director - Sébastien Pellicano, Art Director - Giacomo Giannella, and Lead Vehicle Artist - Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro.Read More