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Posted On September 7, 2012By WixIn Project CARS

Project CARS – Build 296 Released.

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out. Now featuring the first BMW models.Build 296 for all members to enjoy.Read More

Posted On September 7, 2012By WixIn Rfactor

F1RFT 2012 Ferrari renders and ingame previews.

F1RFT is showcasing the first screenshots of the Ferrari Formula 1 car that will be featured in the upcoming F1RFT 2012 mod for rFactor.You can enjoy both Renders and ingame shots of this beauty.Read More

Posted On September 7, 2012By WixIn Project CARS


SMS Quote: The newest Project CARS Community Gallery is available, showing off the amazing work our talented members have put in creating stunning screenshots of the WMD-powered title.And as the weekend is just around the corner, we have a special surprise addition to the gallery this week so make sure to check it out below!Read More
First laps in the new released teaser by Simbin with Pablo Lopez behind the wheel.Race Room Racing Experience is Now Available on Steam and Free To Play!Read More
This first teaser release includes the fantastic Aquila CR1 Sports GT race car and the fictional racetrack RaceRoom Raceway as well as the Teaser edition Leaderboard Challenge game mode. RaceRoom Racing Experience is powered by ImmersiDrive™, SimBin’s latest physics evolution. The teaser uses the Amateur Driving Model and is set to deliver the most accessible racing experience possible.Read More
ADRIANF1esp created a track video comparing the Project CARS version of the Suzuka track and the real deal.Version used is the preAlpha / Build 291 with Ultra High Game Settings ( DX11 )Read More
EnduRacers Have anounced being contacted by Porsche AG, and has the rFactor Porsche Supercup Mod on hold:It is not clear at this time what the reason for this might be. Could this be the result of the ongoing SMS / AX war?Read More
A huge overhaul of the graphics engine provides a big step forward in performance. Version 3.1.0 seems a 4 times performance increase and zero page faults while driving. This makes running multiple instances much more feasible than before.Read More

Posted On September 5, 2012By WixIn Game Spotting

Codemasters Grid 2 humor…

After last months controversy about the Codemasters statement that only 5% of their clients use cockpit view, the included picture surfaced on the web. I liked the humor in it so much, i just decided to post it ...Read More
ISI posted a video of the soon to be released Formula two car , said to be in a test phase.The Video shows a race against the AI using the test version of rFactor2.Read More