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Simbin would not like us to think that the screens shown up and till now are all they will have for RaceRoom Racing Experience.They have prepared a small sneak peak into future content announcements. This sneak peak is only a very small one, as there is so much more coming than they can display on a single picture!It is not only hinting to what cars to expect, but also what kind of cars to expect!Read More


Posted On January 10, 2013By WixIn Hardware

ARC_Team Carbon_Pedals up for orders.

ARC Team Carbon_Pedals are here:This strong and compact pedalset has been build as a step up from the ARC_Pedals. A former product that was vastly used by professional drivers, teams and fans.Carbon_Pedals lost their handcrafted features but they do keep the original design,quality and finish.Read More

Another day, another license! for real...Today SimBin Studios is pleased to announce that the BMW Z4 GT3 will join RaceRoom Racing Experience!Read More
Tony Gardner and Kevin Bobbitt just about confirmed the work in progress on the KIA Optima and two new Nascar heavyweights. The Ford Fusion and the Chevy SS.iRacing is working on a World Tour NASCAR iRacing 2013 Series. It will follow the Sprint Cup every week as an event series. 36 races, with 6 drop weeks open to all members. Look for an official announcement next week.A picture of the WIP version of the KIA was posted on the iRacing Forums.Read More
Image Space Incorporated posted a screenshot on their Facebook page showing a Chevrolet Camaro GT that is supposed to be one of the upcoming releases on their Sim Platform.Read More
Arnold is known to be a very passionate modeler, and pretty fast when it comes to quality and accuracy. So as promised, once again he delivers a stunning model of the Van Herck Racing Mazda 20B .Read More

Posted On January 9, 2013By WixIn SimRaceway

Beginner’s Guide to Simraceway! [VIDEO]

A Beginner's Guide to Introduce You to Simraceway!In this video you will see how to join and start racing and how to get cars from Simraceway Join on and install the gameRead More
The Motion Simulation TL1 simulator incorporates the world first 180 degree, portable screen and variable driving position cockpit.The unique seating position can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car positions to Apache or Formula 1 car. Visually running up to 7 million pixels, software options are only limited by your imagination. Full professional flight, racing car and car driver training solutions available.Read More
To quote BSNismo, Manual clutch and H-Shifter, good fun. Just found this classic LFS track is available for NKP today. Used to love this track. Pretty decent conversion. Not meant to be fast, just messing around getting used to NKP again. God i love this car!Read More

Posted On January 8, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

Go Racing – F1SR DTM League.

Promo video of the upcoming F1SR DTM league races.To Join sign up at More
Another day, another license!Today SimBin Studios is pleased to announce a new partnership deal as Alpina Automobiles joins RaceRoom Racing Experience!R3e will include the amazing, 2011 ADAC Championship winning, Alpina B6 GT3.Read More
All content belongs to Formula One Management(FOM). The official F1 2012 season highlights by FOM. These highlights were shown at the FIA's 2012 Prize Giving gala.Read More

Posted On January 8, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 – Poznan Circuit WIP Video.

feels3 has released a new preview video of his Poznan Circuit for rFactor 2. He states that trees, and trackside objects are still in heavy development, and the track and background textures are place holders at this time.Read More