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The Kunos Simulazioni members are notorious for posting mysterious previews or hints before revealing future content. Today was no different.A rather interesting photo was posted showing what looks to be a 60s Ferrari cockpit.Read More
This video shows a practice session at Monza with a customized build of Assetto Corsa, featuring an Evotek motion simulator.Read More

Posted On July 17, 2013By WixIn BeamNG

BeamNG – Gymkhana? In a full-size sedan.

BeamNG is also hard at work creating a game in Torque3D using their physics technology.There's more to BeamNG than just crashing cars.Read More
The next race in world championship series will take place at Indianapolis on 27th July.Have a look and listen to the tips of Rocco Barone on how to drive a lap at this world famous circuit!Read More
At 25 Boulevard Albert 1 in Monaco a company called Simulation RS offers drivers a "high-tech" coaching and track experience. Thanks to a sophisticated hyper simulator, and operated by a team of professionals,Drivers can prepare and train on a track before ever have seen the track itself.Read More
Supercar Challenge 2013 - Round 4 Zolder (Race 2 Sunday). June 23rd 2013 Divisions SuperGT, GT and GTB combined with the Italian GT Sprint Series.This is the "Pure Sound" Version, so no comments to spoil the engine music.Read More
Have a look at a first F1 2013 gameplay video.Alex Gillon was lucky enough to attend a Codemasters event and got to play the game for the first time.Read More
Codemasters had allready announced F1 2013 would be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this autumn.Two versions of the game will be available. - The standard F1 2013 and the F1 2013 Classic Edition.Read More
The infamous Long Beach circuit will be the first Tech Track (a track with unfinished track side objects but a finished racing surface) released by iRacing.Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] has build a Custom Symscreen T500 'Static slide' mounting unit.Read More
When Kunos Simulazioni update their Facebook page cover, they usually feature teaser images of the upcoming Assetto Corsa title.Also this week a nice set of preview shots depicting the Ferrari 458 GT2 cockpit, and the McLaren MP4-12c GT3 on track.Read More