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Kart Racing Pro

Posted On November 11, 2013By WixIn Kart Sim

Kart Racing Pro – Beta 10 Released.

Piboso released Beta 10 of his Kart Racing Pro project. In this update he has implemented a large set of fixes and features.Read More

Lotus E21
Turn10 released another video in its Direct feed series. This time the Lotus E21 at the Yas Marina track.Read More

Assetto Corsa StabiZ
StabiZ is indeed back, and he created another stunning quality video showcasing the Ferrari 458 Italia in the recently released Early Access version of Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni.Read More
Project CARS 400 600
Within the Project CARS community JonZ is known for his very cinematic trailers he creates using Slightly Mad Studios Racing title.This time he created a Sequel to his previous movie called 200 to 400, and gave it the almost obvious name 400 to 600.Read More
SRH Tach Dash
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] who you might know for their high quality production released another sneak peak video of the upcoming Tach Dash Unit.Read More
Assetto Corsa GamerMuscle
Bsim regular James " GamerMuscle" has created another very interesting review of what he calls "possibly one of the greatest driving games ever made !"In this review he covers some of the core features accessible in the game And when over the coming weeks and months more content is to be added he will surely post some updated videos.Read More
A software Update for the Arduino & TM1638 board has been released to ensure compatibility with the current Beta release of the Assetto Corsa Simulator.The software makes use of the API currently supplied with the Assetto Corsa Early Access build. Read More
Niels Heusinkveld NSX Kart

Posted On November 9, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

Niels Heusinkveld – Talk & Drive episode 5.

A while ago Niels Heusinkveld started a interesting video series called "Talk & Drive". Today he uploaded Episode five.Read More
Assetto Corsa
Yesterday Kunos Simulazioni released the early access beta of their anticipated Assetto Corsa Simulator.Within the Simracing scene, this was a rather major event. The Sim video community got busy right away and Assetto Corsa first impressions videos popped up pretty soon.Read More
Project CARS New LMPrototype
AdrianF1ESP recorded a Project CARS video showing the newly implemented LM Prototype - RWD P30 (WIP) added in build 603. In this video you can watch a lap and replay of the car in action at the Laguna Seca circuit.Read More