Automobilista 2 – Update V1.0.6.0 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.0.6.0

Automobilista 2 BMW M6 GT3

Reiza Studios has deployed update V1.0.6.0 for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

This new patch will add the BMW M6 GT3 and the Ginetta G55 GT4 to the Automobilista 2 car list. Furthermore, this release also includes a large update for the recently released Nurburgring DLC and introduces significant improvements to the physics and the AI.

Note that due to a number of physics adjustments, the saved setups require to be reset to default in the garage menu.

Check out the full changelog below.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €18,49. €36,99. The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for €81,43. €126,98

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 Automobilista 2 BMW M6 GT3 Rear

V1.0.6.0 Changelog


  • Added BMW M6 to GT3 class
  • Added Ginetta G55 to GT4 class


  • Fixed issue where too much chat history was played back in some instances
  • Seat adjustment input is now continuous (hold to move)
  • Adjusted various background image anchors to improve display on 16:10 and triple screen

Physics & AI

  • Slightly increased longitudinal slip in Cup / Stock 2020 / Proto P3-P4 tires
  • Stiffened sidewalls for GT / Stock / Proto tires
  • Revised default tyre pressures & ranges for all cars (closer to optimal and / or as per real series regulations – requires setup reset to default)
  • Adjusted default steering lock / ratio for GT3 / GT4 cars to more accurate values (requires setup reset)
  • Revised Balance of Performance for GT3 / GT4 class
  • Revised brakes for GT3/GT4 cars
  • Corrected tyre tread width for Porsche Cayman Clubsport (265mm front / 305 mm rear), Porsche 997 3.8 Cup (275mm / 315mm)
  • Revised Porsche Cup aero, adjusted default roll bars
  • Reduced front splitter downforce dropoff with yaw in all GT/ Stock Cars
  • Fixed missing wet tire compound for Camaro GT4R
  • Adjusted Camaro GT4R suspension
  • Adjusted Copa Montana center of gravity height
  • Revised Procar, Group A, Ultima Race baseline damper rates
  • Fixed Ultima race front left, rear right fast damper ranges incorrectly available
  • Improved rear efficiency, reduced Group A rear brake torque
  • Adjusted FFB max force for F-Vee, Procar, Mini, Stock Car 2020, GT3, GT4 cars
  • Callibrated tire temperature color display range (correcting errors with some tires not displaying correct colors for optimal / overheat tires)
  • Adjusted rear wing efficiency for Stock2020, Montana


  • Further smoothing out of AI lateral transitions to reduce jerkiness/weaving/abrupt lane changes
  • Added logic to prevent AI slowing on track after returning from partially outside track limits
  • Added logic for AI to be more reactive and switch switch behaviors more often
  • Initial steps to reduce the impact of small Front-to-Rear collisions between AI (as seen at race starts especially with vehicles of differing performance)
  • Reduced range of AI variation from ideal racing line
  • GT3, Porsche Cup, P4, P3, P2, F3 callibration pass
  • Minor AI aggression scalar adjustment for GT cars
  • Further wet weather callibration passes for all GT / Stock / Proto cars


  • Adjusted Mclaren 720s tire skid volume
  • Lowered tranny whine given enigne sounds feature them prominently


  • Nurburgring: Various fixes for LODding / Z-Fighting issues; Corrected a few trackside ads;
  • Added proper groove to 24hr layout; trimmed roadverge excess polys; Various crowd corrections; Various texture updates; further correction to trackside shimmering cameras; minor optimization pass
  • Kyalami: New AIW pit lane path (fix AI hitting pit wall when leaving pit box, improved merge to the main path at T1); Relax track cut limits on some runoff areas; Minor performance, art pass & LOD fixes
  • Interlagos: Fixed floating pit box lines
  • Campo / Curvelo: Adjusted flag LOD range
  • Montreal Historic: added missing HUD map


  • Porsche Cayman GT4 – Fixed red cockpit material issue
  • Fixed lights for Fusca (all variants) + wiper UV mapping fix (HC1/HC2)
  • Adjusted brake glow ranges for carbon brakes (player & AI)
  • Camaro GT4R: Fixed missing RPM LEDs
Automobilista 2 BMW M6 GT3 Side