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ERS is working on a new Motion enabled cockpit called the EMOTION ERS. ERS Simulators has developed a simulator based on versatility, structural rigidities, regulation and ergonomics of the Virtual pilot. Each ERS can be adjusted to fit any person, body type and age. Read More

The good folks at SRH have been really busy on a new project called the LMS Motorsports wheel. ( Follow up of the version 1 of this wheel) The wheel is fully custom build for one of the customers of " Sim Racing Hardware" but might become available to the public soon. It sports all the knobs and dials you would expected including 4 rotary dials, a SimScreen SS-01 graphic LCD, six Push Buttons, Rev counter and a Led display. Read More

A huge overhaul of the graphics engine provides a big step forward in performance. Version 3.1.0 seems a 4 times performance increase and zero page faults while driving. This makes running multiple instances much more feasible than before. Read More
Many Simracers sooner or later start thinking about building a personal Racing Sim Rig. Tony Pearce uploaded a video of his purpose build V8 Supercar rig. At this time i don't have any details about the hardware list, but nevertheless its interesting to see the rig in action. Read More
From August 1st ARC_Team and Sparco, who are sharing the same passion for motorsport, started a collaboration in order to even better the already high standards of the their products . Read More
Fanatec finally came up with a new firmware version for almost all wheels. It is still declared as BETA but we solved all known bugs. They are releasing it now as open beta so you can report if we still missed some issues. Read More
Fanaleds is an application for the Fanatec range of steering wheels. This is the new V1.2 release of the Fanaleds application. Read More
6e66o does his ocasional iRacing race . This time a Mazda MX5 race using the SimXperience Rig. The Motion simulator incudes a professional motion system with Sim Commander 3 software and a SX-3000 based 15 inch per second (max) actuation. All is recorded with a GoPro HD cam. Read More
When coming back from Cologne, Kunos Simulazioni spent some hours at Evotek Engineering, an innovative company specialized in Automotive Design & Research near Maranello. Evotek has developed an innovative motion simulator, powered since 2011 by a prototyped version of Assetto Corsa. The Kunos team visited their partners, who showed them some upgrades of their system and the new pedal set that will equip the cockpit. Read More
Todd Bettenhausen shows us a quick look (more like a glimpse) of the SimXperience SimVibe beta running on my custom 80/20 cockpit. He also shows what he considers "manageable" input lag running iRacing in v-sync with an AMD 7970 video card at 5760 x 1080 with each screen rendered separately.Read More
Pictures of a pre-production mod for the Logitech G25 and G27 by Manu-Factory surfaced on the web. At first glance, it looks similar to the well known Arc_Team mod for the same wheels. Adapting the electronics to work with a 48volts power supply results in a much more defined feedback system, and overall feedback strength is enhanced. Read More
The new LCD software can now be run on any monitor as a windowed application. If you have an extra monitor, a Mimo USB screen, or run your sim in a windowed mode, then this software will work for you! In addition there is now support for ARCA Sim Racing and Game Stock Car simulations. With these newly supported sims comes an additional 2 new dashboards: The 1980 F1 Dasboard and basic Road Car Dashboard. That brings the total number of dashboards up to 29, with 40 different combinations. Read More