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At DEM Racing Simulators they have created a new Wheel mod resembling a Ferrari 458 Wheel. Using what looks like to be a Ferrari F430 wheel as a base,they started replicating the dials and switches of a Ferrari 458. All of these are working and can be defined certain functions.To accomplish this they used the Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro hardware. DEM used the wheel on a Thrustmaster wheel using their Quick Release adapter, but the wheel can be used on all popular Force Feedback wheels on the market. Read More

On 26-27 May at Latina, during a local fair, ARC_Team e MAC Racing unveiled the FMA-12. A new driving simulator for your home entertainment! It's build based on FIA-F3 standards and it's allow to install peripherals from various brands as Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. Read More

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, E3 games convention, and the start of Summer, Slightly Mad is happy to announce the Thrustmaster Hot Lap Competition where YOU can potentially drive away with an amazing T500 RS wheel/pedal combo and a TH8 RS shifter! Read More
Vesaro recently completed a build of 12 rigs for SimRaceway and shipped to the Indianapolis 500 event in the USA, 300,000 people ready to test out the sim on Vesaro rigs. The rigs where sent fully assembled with complete controls and 5.1 surround audio wired and cable managed, packed into crates and shipped, ready to go out of the box. Featuring custom SimRaceway embroidery on the seats and Simraceway branding on the rig. Read More
DigiProst created a video showing how to mod the Logitech G27 Brake pedal using the Nixim sping and Leo Bodnar Cable and software. This mod should provide you with a more accurate and controllable braking response. Read More
At the 2012 edition of the 24h of the Nurburgring, some of the company's we all learned to love, had set up their upcoming products in the VIP lounges of the track, to show their new jewels in progress to the racing world. Despite what most might expect, the competition between rival company´s seems to be a very healthy and rather friendly one. Read More
Travis Pastrana drives the Motion Pro II Simulator at the DRIVE4COPD event during the 2012 Nascar Race at the California Speedway in Fontana. Read More
RACE-STAR - AMG Mercedes F1 Simulator in the Hockenheim VIP Lounge. The rig runs a DTM, AUDI and Mercedes sim. Read More
Brian lets us know that because of the success of the G 25/27 GT Wheel Plates, the promo offer will be continued for one more week. The quality GT plate can be yours for £ 95.95! Read More
The new SRH 'static' SLI mounting system. Made on request from customers who dont want to wheel mount their SLI unit but still want it on the wheel base. Easy to fit, complete with 2x rotary encoders, this mounting system has none of the USB lead issues that can be a pain to sort on wheel mounted ones. Read More
Filmed at Gadget Show Live. Onboard footage from the Motion Simulation TL1 simulator, driving a V8 Touring car at Oulton Park. Motion Simulation's TL1 simulator includes the worlds first, portable 180 degree screen and multiple position cockpit Read More
The biggest consumer technology event in the UK, we had a 30 metre square stand exhibiting 2 full motion Vesaro simulators. With over 130,000 people attending the event over 6 days we provided over 1500 product demonstrations to the visitors of the show. Read More