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This is the official video manual for the ClubSport Wheel Base, BMW M3 GT2 and Formula rims of Fanatec. Updated: Shifter connector graphics Read More

A very impressive VRX rig using 5 vertical mounted 32 inch screens used for an iRacing Race. RX Industries specializes in developing and manufacturing new and exciting products for the home and corporate environment. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, VRX Industries brings a new level to racing simulation and entertainment! Read More

Thrustmaster has launched a second trailer, teasing us with a product that seerms to be coming soon. All speculations regarding the number 360 on the pit box wall having something to do with the X-Box 360, seem correct. This teaser confirms with the " Licenced for x-Box" message and clearly shows the X-Box Logo on the wheel. Its also obvious its a Ferrari inspired wheel. Read More
TOYOTA Racing has not been on track since the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Despite this, the team is actively preparing for the next race, the 6 Hours of Silverstone, in a virtual world. Before the next testing session, Alex and Nicolas have been using the driving simulator at TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG), the team’s home base in Cologne. What’s hiding inside this important tool that has been used regularly since the Le Mans program’s launch at the end of 2011? Read More
Thustmaster has launched a trailer, teasing us with a product with something coming soon. ( Ed. I might be wrong, but it looks like it could be a " Assetto Corsa" related annoucement.) Read More
The Eliminator ' E-Box ' is a fully encased version of our original Eliminator kit. This unit is available in either kit form (complete, minus Simscreen and Pro Shift board) or as a fully assembled, ready to use unit that you simply un-pack, plug in and use! Read More
GT Omega launches the brand new EVO Racing Simulator cockpit. The GT Omega EVO Racing Simulator Cockpit gives player the ultimate Racing experiance and comfortable racing position. Read More
ERS is working on a new Motion enabled cockpit called the EMOTION ERS. ERS Simulators has developed a simulator based on versatility, structural rigidities, regulation and ergonomics of the Virtual pilot. Each ERS can be adjusted to fit any person, body type and age. Read More
Because of the overwhelming success of the " Monsta" pre-orders, it took a while, but now finaly the king of Telemetry is on sale at the SimRacing Hardware website. The unit is retailing for £225. Read More
This is the official video manual for the ClubSport Pedals V2 of Fanatec. Read More
Short video about the new DEM Simulator F1 COCKPIT. The new DRS-13 is a upgrade from the previous successful DRS-12. Powered by a D-BOX MOTION system. Furthermore DEM changed The frame structure mainly to house the actuator system of the D -BOX and adjusted the pedals to accommodate even taller people. Read More
When G25/G27 owners see the wealth of high priced steering wheels on the market , they usually envy the owners of such wheels for having more buttons, and in allot of cases a Led bar rev counter. Let’s face it, apart from the functional side of these additions, there is also the fun and show factor, that tickles the imagination. The solution to overcome this shortcoming on a standard wheel is the third-party wheel plate. Read More