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Todd Bettenhausen reviews the Fanatec top-range sim-racing controls -- the ClubSport Wheel base and rims and V2 pedals. iRacer Todd has been chosen as a "community tester" by the iRacing community as the release of these products approached. In this video, he takes a look at the hardware: first impressions, materials and build quality, button layout, and upgrades to the V2 pedals.Read More

Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] posted a workshop pic of a new version of their static T500 SLI mount. This new version slides up and down so it will work with both the GT wheel and the F1 wheel with an easy and super fast adjustment! The unit will replace the current mount and will be available for SLI-Pro/SLI-M and our own Shiftlight unit soon. Read More

Pablo Lopez is showing how Peter Munkholm's app works with the SteelSeries wheel and iRacing, while driving the SteelSeries FW31 around the Suzuka International Circuit. Read More
Last January ARC_Team announced their new ARC_Pedals. A limited edition of 70 pieces has been build.. The product was out of order by the third month and could be called a great success. They where forced to re-design the pedals to keep up with the demand.and wishes of the customers, while the price had to be suitable to all. The new project, started last May,and has now been completed. Read More
Radicals Member Pablo Lopez did this video by popular demand, showing his sim racing cockpit , this is the way he plays, Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] is showcasing a set of custom paddle shifters build for a customer. When interested, also you can have a personal set of quality shifters. SRH will build to your specs. Read More
ARC_Team announces that the FMA-12 simulators can now be equipped with a Carbon look coating for all internal parts. Further more a SLI display for Logitech steering wheels is added. Make sure to check out the headrest,and Seat (available in three different colors) and the internal sound system with multiple speakers and subwoofer. Read More
The German Konsolenracer.de website organized a community event to test the Club Sport Wheels by Fanatec. Have a look at their product impressions captured on video. (German Language) Read More
Test using two new side projectors and triple-wide 4:3 projection for 3072x768 overall resolution. 2D and 3D with Nvidia 3DVision. pCARS. Read More
Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) headset designed specifically for video games that will change the way you think about gaming forever. With an incredibly wide field of view, high resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Rift provides a truly immersive experience that allows you to step inside your favorite game and explore new worlds like never before. Read More
Home made F1 wheel based on a Logitech G27 production wheel. This video shows the actual build of the housing that will soon be fitted with a SLI-Pro set of electronics. Read More
New special offer! SRH have taken £25 ( 40.17 Dollars - 31.23 Euros ) off the Monsta! Grab a bargain and enjoy one of the most unique and comprehensive displays in simracing at a special price.... Only whilst stocks last! Read More