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When times are difficult for all, Arc_Team want to help the virtual driving enthusiast by providing some of their products at anti-crisis prices. Therefore, from today until the 30th of September they offer some of their stock products at very special prices. Read More

This is the official video manual for the ClubSport Wheel Base, BMW M3 GT2 and Formula rims of Fanatec.. Read More

This is the official video manual for the Forza MotorSport CSR Elite Wheel of Fanatec. Read More
David Sockrider tests the new Fanatec ClubSport gear; his commentary compares and contrasts it to his usual wheel, a Logitech G27. Read More
Alcar,the italian division of AEZ (Austrian multinational company that produces car wheels and rims), chose ARC_Team as a technical partner for a marketing day at the Castelletto di Branduzzo racetrack, near Pavia (Italy). One F1Driving rig with triple monitors has been made available for all guests. The rig was equipped with all latest ARC_Team's upgrades and the new FMA-12 cockpit. Read More
Playseat is introducing the Playseat JR Motorsports Dale Earnhardt Jr edition Evolution. Dominate the sim-racing circuit and show off your fan support of Dale Earnhardt Jr in style with this authentic JR Motorsports Dale Earnhardt Jr Playseat Evolution. Read More
Kunos Simulazioni posted some new pictures implementing and testing native support for Fanatec wheels on the Assetto Corsa development version. So far Fanatec and Thrustmaster seem to have shown full support to the AC project in the fullest. Read More
Two days ago we reported on the Derek Speare IRDDU project, showing a first video. This is a second video showing the software in action using a different template. Read More
Sonac created a very straightforward video showing us how to detach the Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel from the base unit. Very simple, you need a 4mm allen key. As self explaining as it is, it might be interesting for some of us to see. Read More
This is the second in the series of video reviewsof the new top-range ClubSport driving controls from Fanatec for PC and Playstation 3. Here we have an overview of base mounting, the PC driver properties and settings pages, and the options inside the wheel's tuning menu. Read More
Here's McLaren777´s review of the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel platform, its two accompanying rims, and the improved version of the Clubsport Pedals (V2). Overall, he thought this Fanatec hardware was fantastic. It added a whole new sense of realism that I haven't experienced with other wheel/pedal setups. It's as much of an improvement over the G27 as the G27 is over the DFGT. The problem is, it's four times the price of the G27, and for that reason alone, he can't recommend this to anybody but the most dedicated sim racers. Read More
Seahawks2fan created a video review of his general impressions of Fanatec's new version of the Clubsport pedals. In the video he shows us the differences between the original pedals and the new version. Read More