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Here's McLaren777´s review of the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel platform, its two accompanying rims, and the improved version of the Clubsport Pedals (V2). Overall, he thought this Fanatec hardware was fantastic. It added a whole new sense of realism that I haven't experienced with other wheel/pedal setups. It's as much of an improvement over the G27 as the G27 is over the DFGT. The problem is, it's four times the price of the G27, and for that reason alone, he can't recommend this to anybody but the most dedicated sim racers. Read More

Seahawks2fan created a video review of his general impressions of Fanatec's new version of the Clubsport pedals. In the video he shows us the differences between the original pedals and the new version. Read More

Mike Mav`s initial impressions of the Fanatec CSW (ClubSport Wheel) using Formula Rim and BMW rim (w/ quick release.) The Game is the early alpha stage Project CARS. Read More
Mike Mav unboxes the Fanatec BMW Rim. for the ClubSport Wheel series. Read More
CSW in depth Review Formula Wheel rim BMW M3 GT2 wheel rim Firmware 31 and Driver version 28 is used for this review. Read More
ARC_Team is showing some new pictures of their new steering wheels that are used in their Training Center driving simulator. The first one is a XAP GP2, bought directly from the manufacturer and will not be retailed. They have modified and optimized the electronics to use the wheel on the three series that are being supported by ARC_Team. (GP2, GP3 and F.Renault Alps) Read More
Designed from the beginning to be placed under your monitor/s, the 'Monsta' is a new concept in simulation displays. At last you can now have all the sim telemetry you need in a place you can see it, using you peripheral vision..... You don't have to take your eyes off the track any more! Read More
Catching up on a review Team VVV been meaning to do for ages, they call it the 'new' revo seat but actually it's not new now, saying that it still has some fresh ideas. So Team VVV gives a breif run-down as they are sure many of you have seen reviews of this rig in the past, while adding some lemon peel and a twist of Alan. Read More
SimRacing Hardware is showing us a quick teaser video of the much awaited 'Monsta' display. A new concept in simulation displays, the Monsta is designed to be placed just under your monitor/screen directly in your peripheral vision. With colour coded displays its easy to read ALL your sim telemetry without taking your eyes off the road! Read More
160" (4m x 0,7m) screen solution is portable and only weighs about 50 kg. Takes about 1 hour to assemble. PC with special software is required for reproducing the image from the seamless multi projectorer which is mounted behind. Depth is only 60cm. Curved big screen solution ideal for digital shooting, you save the set to gunpowder, is also available 3D ready. Then you can adjust 3D depth as you experience the depth 5-20m. Cruel reality faithfully. Read More
After this mornings post about the Fanatec Wheel adapter, SR Hardware revealed a new Fanatec CSR / CSR-Elite SLI Mounting system. The product is almost ready for release and more info will be up in the next couple of days! Read More
On various Forums and websites, people start to report performance increase on multiple sim platforms, after installing the new nVIDIA BETA drivers. As usual, results can vary on individual systems, but it might be worth to check it out. Read More