Empty Box : Why Public Online Racing Fails.

Emty Box Online racing fail

Emty Box has been creating Sim Racing videos for a while now. His personal views on the topic at hand, might be called controversial sometimes, yet he does try to bring up some interesting discussions, without holding back on healthy criticism.

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Black Friday … Time to make a deal.

Black Friday

Its Black Friday once more. The last few years allot of the digital platforms have adopted this tradition. So for Race and Sim Gamers, it is the time of the year to watch out for deals that might interest you.

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BsimRacing back alive.

Hi my friends. People who visited Bsimracing yesterday will have noticed the Google unsafe website warning. Beyond my control, unfortunately one of the website scripts was compromised by a malware attack. People who visited the website, got redirected to a rather obscure website. I'd like to extend my apologies to all the Bsim visitors.

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New Website – SimTorque – Views from a simracer.

SimTorque is a discussion website handling a range of topics regarding Sim Racing. Quoting the author he explains the website is used to air his opinions, whatever those may be, on his hobby of sim-racing. Feel free to join the discussion at this new part of our little Sim Community.

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BSIM suspicious website notice cleared.

Today BsimRacing was reported as a malware suspicious website by google.After investigation, a faulty Jquery scripts seemed to have been the problem. The affected file is removed, and all data has been scanned and verified.A clearance request has been send to Google. Sadly enough it may take a few hours before the actual warning page gets lifted. My apologies for the inconvenience.Thanks to all of you for the help and informing me of the problem. WiX,

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