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Sector3 Studios Visit
Recently, Andy of Petersels Racing Simulations visited the Sector3 Studios headquarters in Sweden and interviewed RaceRoom Producer J-F Chardon and staff member Georg Ortner.Read More

RaceRoom Free Weekend 18
Sector3 Studios is organizing a new free weekend drive granting everyone access to every track and car available in the RaceRoom racing simulator.Read More

RaceRoom Zhuhai Circuit
Sector3 Studios has deployed a new RaceRoom update and added the Zhuhai International Circuit to the RaceRoom track portfolio.Read More
RaceRoom Sim Racing System
On February 25, the popular RaceRoom Racing Experience title by Sector3 Studios will be added to the SRS racing service portfolio.Read More
RaceRoom Zhuhai
Sector3 Studios has confirmed that the Zhuhai International Circuit will become part of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title. Read More
RaceRoom Road America Release
Sector3 Studios has deployed a new update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title and added new track content in the form of the Road America circuit.Read More
RaceRoom_Road America
Sector3 Studios announced that the Road America circuit will become available for RaceRoom with the next game update.Read More
RaceRoom RRVLN
Sector3 Studios staff member, Georg Ortner aka 6e66o introduced the RRVLN Endurance Series Online Racing League.Read More
RaceRoom 911 GT3 R
Sector3 Studios staff member, Georg Ortner takes the recently released Porsche 911 GT3 R to the Nordschleife for a RaceRoom Reality Check.Read More
RaceRoom Porsche Release
Sector3 Studios proudly released the highly anticipated first official Porsche content for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.Read More
RaceRoom Porsche Update
Sector3 Studios has deployed a new update for the RaceRoom racing simulator, in preparation for tomorrows Porsche DLC #1 release.Read More
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sector3 Studios revealed the Porsche 911 GT3 R as the third and final car of the upcoming Porsche DLC #1 for the RaceRoom racing simulator. Read More