Game Stock Car – Mini Challenge 2012 vs Reality. [VIDEO]

frankalexandre Quote: Recorded "live" with Fraps. Just did this video to show the fantastic working Reiza is making with this car. For me its one of the best sim experience ever drive this car. I'm not a faster driver as you can see. Pay attention to real x virtual velocimenter. Fantastic work by Reiza.

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Ayrton Senna Game interview by

An interesting interview with Renato Simioni (Reiza) emerged on RaceDepartment,com. Patrick Giranthon recently sat down with the head honcho of Reiza Studios, Renato Simioni, and other leading developers to talk about the release of their latest PC simulation Game Stock Car 2012. In a series of interviews Patrick asked the devs about their roles, backgrounds and love for sim racing.

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Game Stock Car 2012 – Rio de Janeiro. [VIDEO]

Get to know the current Stock Car season with Game Stock Car 2012! This time we get to show the details of the Autodromo Nelson Piquet, Jacarepaguá circuit in Rio de Janeiro, with the Shell Racing 77 car of Valdeno Brito. Video production by Stuart Fields and Vincent Blake

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