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CXC Simulations – Synchro Multiplayer Racing System

CXC Simulations - Synchro Multiplayer Racing System

CXC Simulations – Synchro Multiplayer Racing System

One of the highly professional companies that helped pave the road to the exciting sim racing revolution of the last few years is US-based CXC Simulations. They are the developers of the popular high-end “Motion Pro II” racing simulator. Besides building pre-built turnkey motion simulators, CXC can also handle high-end custom projects and providing the professional market with ready to use Sim Center and corporate event setups.

Back in 2017, we first learned about the CXC Simulations Synchro Control System which lets its clients manage a local-area multiplayer racing session without the need for expertise, and without having to perform complex and time consuming tasks. Needles to say this is a very awesome feature for demanding home users, simulation centers or commercial corporate promotional events.

The Synchro Lite, and Commercial Synchro Pro systems are advanced multiplayer launchers for the Assetto Corsa sim racing platform.

With the use of Synchro, clients can setup a local-area multiplayer session that will sync all the session content and will tracks all the lap times per racer. The person in charge, can manage and control the remote machines through a simple and Intuitive User Interface running on a touchpad.


  • No Complicated menus
  • No need to use keyboards, mice, etc
  • Intuitive Touchscreen-Based User Interface
  • Choice of Car, Track, Race Format and Difficulty
  • Child Mode for Young Drivers
  • Multiplayer: Race Alone or with Up To 6 Simulators
  • Per Player Difficulty Settings
  • Spectator Mode on External Displays
  • Keep Score with Live Timing A Turn-Key System

CXC Simulations

In 2007, Chris Considine founded CXC Simulations. Based in Los Angeles, California, he started building simulators for both professional drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. It did not take long before the CXC Motion Pro was born. Today the famous CXC Motion Pro Simulator is the pride of the company.

The CXC motion simulators are purpose-built for private, professional and commercial environments. Today, CXC Simulations is one of the companies out there raising the bar of modern simulation hardware and its implementation into the real world racing scene.

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