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Part 4 of the Forza Tuning guide is with us, again Team VVV hopes this is helpful while looking forward to hearing your feedback on how we can improve future guides for this and other racing titles.Read More
Virtua_LM is working on a conversion of their Sebring track from rFactor, to rFactor 2.It will be one more Quality track creation coming to rF2.Read More
Its no secret that Stabiz is rather passionate about the iRacing Cadillac CTS-V.As we all know another of his passions, is Video creation. When we combine the two, we get this. A Cadillac CTS-V at the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps track.Read More
Piscine, a fast left-right followed by a slower right-left chicane at the Monaco track.Watch the slow motion action arround this famous pool,Read More
Because of the graphical quality of Project Cars, allot of fans of the project, get creative and start to produce some amazing videos.This beauty by ChronoVersatur, is a fine example. Enjoy.Video by ChronoVersatur.Read More
JR Motorsports iRacing pro sim racers take you around Charlotte Motor Speedway in preparation for the eighth race of the 2012 NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship.Check it out! Come race with us on! Watch the broadcast on on Tuesday night or archived on the website.Read More
GTERTET loves the Toyota Supra. In his opinion, its one of the most beautiful cars in history, and of course, one of the most classic ones.So he decided to make this video as a tribute.Read More
BSNISMO takes the new Formula Master for a spin at the Classic Monaco track.All footage in BETA stage.Read More
Digiprost had a few laps in the rain, at Spa-Franchorchamps.The project is still WIP but is starting to look visually unrivaled.Read More
RFT is showcasing the first screenshots of the Hispania Formula 1 that will be featured in the upcoming F1RFT 2012 mod for rFactor.Read More
Team VVV did a brief interview relating to the new F1 Online browser game.You can expect some extensive written coverage on the in the coming weeks and further activity when the forum launches next month.Read More
NASCAR The Game: Inside Line brings the true NASCAR experience to game consoles. The top NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, teams and cars are set to race over all 23 officially licensed tracks with a new in-depth career mode and robust online features that include leagues and leader boards.Aspiring drivers can now rise up through the ranks attracting sponsors and upgrading their car's components in their quest to be the Sprint Cup Series Champion.Read More