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The new build of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS has a new graphical effect called dynamic clouds. The clouds have a very visual effect on the shadows and lighting and will create a very dynamic atmosphere while driving. Time-lapse video made by Ben Buja. Read More
Doug of Sim Racing Review takes a closer look at getting Started in iRacing. This is only part one. So expect a more in depth review soon. Read More
Its not exactly news, but iRacings Steve Myers just reported that the Laser Scan team finally got some good weather at Donnington Park today. He did post a photo with it, and i guess its nice for some to see the scanner in action. Read More
Win a Derek Speare Velocity Input Interface! This is unlike anything anyone has ever offered, and it's a demonstration of thinking outside the box. In fact, calling it a 'button box' is like calling the 24 Heures du Mans a 'car race'. Read More
Pablo says: My debut on the V8sonline series. Great fun and good racing with the likes of Madison Down, Vail Riches, Mitchell Mcleod and Joshua Muggleton, hard and clean racing, quite stressfull :D Finished 7th after a fierce battle for 5th, INTENSE! Read More
Watch the highlights of the Superstars and International GT sprint championship 2012 on the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps Cirquit. Read More
At Team VVV Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends was tested using the Ferrari 79 running on the British Silverstone track. Read More
Marchettino has filmed a Maserati Gransport Trofeo around the racetrack. He reports this Maserati must be the loudest he ever witnest . Have a look at the insanely loud Maserati Gransport Trofeo racecars driving around Imola. This Video shows it starting up multiple times, revving and accelerating and flying by on track. Turn up the speakers! Read More
Just listen to this damn thing! Mirrors are bugged obviously but who cares. BSNIismo has literally just thrown this video together in like 20 mins, He was buzzing so much from that engine sound. Play it loud! Read More
When times are difficult for all, Arc_Team want to help the virtual driving enthusiast by providing some of their products at anti-crisis prices. Therefore, from today until the 30th of September they offer some of their stock products at very special prices. Read More