SimBin licences Circuit Park Zandvoort.


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SimBin licences Circuit Park Zandvoort.

SimBin are very happy to announce a renewed cooperation with Circuit Park Zandvoort.

They have been working with them for a few titles in the past and they will be part of our future titles as well.

Jay Ekkel Quote:

As a Dutch guy, I am probably slightly biased talking about Zandvoort in all its awesomeness…. But I know for a fact that it is a favourite track for many of you to race on, as it always provides great races!

Also Erik Weijers, C.O.O. Of Circuit Park Zandvoort was excited about being part of our line-up, here is what he had to say!

“Circuit Park Zandvoort is very happy to be part of SimBin’s next project. SimBin Studios has great attention to detail and this resulted in a very realistic virtual prepresentation of Circuit Park Zandvoort. Racefans will be astonished how real the experience will be and how impressive the Tarzanbocht and Schevlak are for the race drivers!“

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