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SimBin Studios UK posted a statement that they will start revealing more official details regarding the upcoming GTR3 title and shared some new screenshots.Read More

SimBin Studios UK shared a new GTR3 screenshot and stated that the release date of the title will be confirmed when their discussions (at Gamescom 2019) are finalized.Read More

SimBin Studios UK shared a post in which they are recruiting for an Experienced Senior Programmer to work on their upcoming GTR3 Title.Read More
GTR3 Mercedes AMG GT3
SimBin Studios UK published a new Mercedes AMG GT3 teaser screenshot whishing us all a very Happy Christmas.Read More
GTR3 Teaser 3
SimBin Studios UK published two new teaser screenshots in honor of their 2nd Birthday celebration showcasing a BMW GT car with a very original tire on its rimRead More
GTR3 Teaser 2
SimBin Studios UK has published a new (public) teaser screenshot showing us an in-game car model for their upcoming GTR3 Title.Read More
Simbin UK GTR3
SimBin Studios UK has apparently obtained a license to produce their upcoming GTR3 racing title containing FIA World Endurance Championship content.Read More
Beyond the Gloves
Billy Strange and John Sabol discuss GTR 3 and Project CARS 2 in the second episode of the weekly Beyond the Gloves talk show.Read More
New GTR3 Spa Screenshots
A few more GTR3 preview screens surfaced on the web, showing us some more shots of the Belgian GP circuit.Read More
In an interview by RaceDepartment, Simbin UK announced that their upcoming GTR3 racing title is scheduled for a 2018 release. Read More
SimBin are very happy to announce a renewed cooperation with Circuit Park Zandvoort. They have been working with them for a few titles in the past and they will be part of our future titles as well. Read More
At the 2012 edition of the 24h of the Nurburgring, some of the company's we all learned to love, had set up their upcoming products in the VIP lounges of the track, to show their new jewels in progress to the racing world. Despite what most might expect, the competition between rival company´s seems to be a very healthy and rather friendly one. Read More