SimBin Studios UK Is Hiring For Their Mistery Title


SimBin Studios UK Is Hiring For Their Mystery Title

Back in February 2017, SimBin Studios UK announced the relaunch of the famous GTR series and iconically named the upcoming title GTR3. The new game for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should follow in the footsteps of the now famous SimBin GTR franchise.

Back then, SimBin Producer Allan Speed who is the brother of Sector3 Studios CEO Chris Speed, stated that GTR3 was scheduled for release in 2018 and that a first playable version of the game should be available six months later. As we all know by now, things did not work out as planned, but the SimBin Studios UK team stated with confidence that the GTR3 title will be ready for (Early Acces?) release by the second quarter of 2019.

Since the last post back in December last year, we have not heard anything regarding the ongoing development of SimBin’s mystery racing title. It’s now two years since the initial announcement, and still, we don’t know anything apart from the fact that GTR3 is going to be a multiplatform racing title.

Today, SimBin Studios UK shared a post in which they are recruiting for an Experienced Senior Programmer to work on their exciting Racing Title.  The developer is looking for an experienced team member who will be using Unreal Engine 4 and is able to develop physics solutions. The post was accompanied by two pictures showing us people hard at work at the Liverpool SimBin Studios UK headquarters. It’s obvious that they are developing something. Would it not be great if they shared a few more details regarding the project?

As usual, we will keep you posted when more news or media become available.

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