SimBin Studios UK Discord Channel Live

SimBin Studios UK Discord Channel

Not so long ago, I posted a little article outlining the social media history of SimBin Studios UK regarding the announced / upcoming GTR3 title.

Without going into the details, it is fair to say that since the introduction back in early 2017, we still don’t have a clue about the what, when, and how of this iconically titled racing game.

In the past few years, SimBin Studios UK has repeatedly stated that they were ready to announce more info soon. Sadly enough, and for reasons unknown, the soon has now lasted almost 4 years.

But there is hope.

Today SimBin Studios UK has introduced the official GT3 Discord channel, on which they plan to release a lot more information regarding the ongoing development of GTR3 #soon.

Hey! Sorry, we have been quiet for so long and the inconsistent activity on our social channels (when we were more active). At SimBin we are just as anxious to share all our progress on GTR3, as you are to hear it!

This past year we have been directing all our resources and attention internally with the goal of releasing GTR3 in the best state possible. Finally, after all this time working on GTR3, we are close to releasing a lot more information.

We also have some huge news lined up to share with you soon! However, we do have to ask for you to wait just a little longer, but it will be worth it!

We do have some exciting news to share today! To prove that we are back for good this time around we are opening our official Discord! Which means we can never lock ourselves away to tinker with GTR3 without you seeing, ever again.

The GTR3 Official Discord is the place to ask questions and offer suggestions. There will even be polls and suggestion channels so you could see your ideas contributing to the final release of GTR3! 🙂

The Discord isn’t just for asking questions either. Joining will also unlock weekly updates about the game, the ability to participate in polls (which will shape the final release of GTR3) and you may even unlock beta access if you’re active enough!

If you have any questions about GTR3 or about SimBin in general please ask away here or for a faster reply ask in our Discord

🙂**please click the checkered flag in the rules channel to join!**

Official Webpage –