Simbin Studios UK – GTR3 – Here We Go Again

Having always been a big fan of the iconic GTR franchise by the original Simbin team, I have to admit that I was really excited when back in early 2017, SimBin Studios UK announced that they were working on a racing game named “GTR3”.

However, things did not go as planned, and turned out to be somewhat dissapointing. After all this time, it becomes clear that either the title is total vaporware, or SimBin Studios UK has the worst communication manager in the history of the internet. The last time we heard from the British Studio, was back in August 2019.

But don’t fear, because now they are back, and they are proud. That’s great news, but I just wish they would share whatever they are so proud about.

Today, SimBin Studios UK shared the following message via Instagram. (Original message)

We are making huge changes to our social profile. Over the past few years, we have been solely dedicated to GTR3’s development and ensuring that it releases with the best simulation racing experience possible. This includes working alongside our other sister studios to incorporate interesting and practical real-world applications for GTR3. Ultimately this has led us to focus all our resources internally.

Although we are proud of our huge achievements with GTR3’s development, we haven’t been vocal about them. However, that’s all about to change. In the upcoming weeks, we are going to shine a light on our fantastic SimBin family who have dedicated so much time and energy into GTR3.

This also means we are shifting towards a completely transparent social model. This is why we are excited to announce that as our first steps towards this goal we are launching an official GTR3 Discord!

I am still hoping to see this project work out, and I wish the studio all the best. That said, taking previous communications into account, it honestly becomes very hard to take any GTR3 statements serious.

The Story So Far

February 2 2017…

Simbin Studios UK, in partnership with Sector3 Studios, announces that they are working on a new title with the bombshell name “GTR3”, following in the footsteps of the famous SimBin GTR franchise. The Studio revealed that the upcoming racing title was scheduled for a 2018 release as a multi-platform title on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

A few days later, Simbin shares the news that the GTR3 title will be powered by the Unreal 4 game engine, featuring day to night transitions, a dynamic weather system, a vehicle damage model, and post-processing visual effects. As proof of concept, the original announcement included two in-game preview screenshots showing us some BMW Z4 GT3 action at the Spa-Francorchamps track.

During the same month, in an interview by RaceDepartment, Simbin UK Studio Head Allan Speed already hinted that the first playable version of GTR 3 could be ready in about six months time. Days later, a few more preview screens surfaced on the web, showing us some more WIP shots of the Belgian GP circuit.

August 11 2018 …

After more than a year of silence on GTR3, and a sim racing community that took the word “vaporware” to heart, SimBin Studios UK hinted that they obtained a license to produce their upcoming GTR3 racing title containing FIA World Endurance Championship content.

Strangely enough, the news was made available via a Tweet, that did not originate directly from SimBin Studios UK, but from Catalyst Games which is a Liverpool based  Game Production Service Company. Even more confusing is the fact that the Tweet was accompanied by a render that is showing us the Japanese SuperGT #9 Gulf Porsche 911 GT3R and The Racers Group (TRG) Porsche GT3 R GTD which competes in the American IMSA WeatherTech Championship and not in the announced FIA World Endurance Championship Series.

The Tweet also stated that SimBin Studios UK would be showcasing the upcoming GTR3 game/sim at the 2018 edition of the Gamescom trade fair held at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany between Tuesday, 21st August and Saturday,25th August 2018.

Simbin GTR3  August 11 2018

September 27 2018…

SimBin Studios UK published a brand new (public) teaser screenshot showing us what looked to be an in-game GTR3 model of the Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 as raced in the German VLN by the Young Driver AMR Team. Sadly enough, visitors of the 2018 Gamescom trade fair, rapidly found out, that SimBin Studios UK did attend Gamescom, but had no intention of revealing anything to the public.

Simbin GTR3 September 27 2018

October 19 2018…

SimBin Studios UK published two new teaser screenshots in honor of their 2nd Birthday celebration showcasing a BMW GT car render with a very original tire on its rim. No further info was shared.

Simbin GTR3 October 19 2018
Simbin GTR3 October 19 2018

December 20 2018…

SimBin Studios UK published a new Mercedes AMG GT3 teaser screenshot to wish us all a very Happy Christmas. The hashtags and comments are confirming a 2019 release of the GTR3 title.

Then things went very quiet.

SImbin GTR3 December 20 2018

August 21 2019…

SimBin Studios UK announced that they would attend the 2019 Gamescom event in Germany to discuss the future of the game with various partners.

An official Tweet appeared stating that the Release date of GTR3 would be confirmed when their discussions where finalized. The Tweet was accompanied by a screenshot showcasing a Porsche GT3R during a night race.

SimBin GTR3 August 21 2019

August 29 2019…

SimBin Studios UK posted a statement that they will start sharing more official details regarding GTR3, and published 3 new GTR3 screenshots showing us a Bentley Continental GT3 and an Audi RR8 LMS GT3 in action at the Nürburgring GP track.

Then things went very very quiet.

December 10 2020…

SimBin Studios UK posts an Instagram message, stating that they spend the last few years, dedicated to GTR3’s development and ensuring that it releases with the best simulation racing experience possible and that they are proud of their huge achievements. The Studio informs us that in the upcoming weeks, they are going to shine a light on their fantastic SimBin family, via a completely transparent social model, being the official GTR3 Discord channel.

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